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The first game of the popular series "Prince of Persia" was released in 1989.According to her story, the evil Vizier Jaffar wants to forcibly take over a beautiful princess, while the Sultan fight in the war.Only beloved girl can protect her, but he is confined in a prison, and should have time for 60 minutes not only to get out of prison, but also defeat the villain.Gameplay of the original version was different from all the other toys, manufactured at the time.First of all, it is striking how the characters move - very slowly, as if repeating the movements of real people.In fact, it is, in fact for the creation of such movements by the game Prince of Persia filmed on video and digitized how moving his brother.Escaping from prison, the Prince has to overcome a lot of dangerous traps - sticking out of the floor spikes, some sections of the road suddenly crumble, periodically there guards with swords.In order to save the princess in this game, you need to defeat the main enemy, the powerful vizier.Hero's death does not lead to loss - a player returns to the start of this level and have to start passing the mission first.But if you stay during the game while dealing with traps or get rivals over an hour, the game time will come to an end and Jaffar gets its way.The original Prince of Persia series has two more games.Their story echoes the original story - Prince continues to fight the villain Vizier, who is still trying to take over the throne of the Sultan, and using all his available techniques, such as magic, the power of weapons.Has become a very popular game series "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" - here changed gameplay, story.This is not the platform, as the first issue, but rather action.Although the original movement in a multi-level architectural design and occasional fight with the enemies were also in the sequel.Was later released another series, characterized and storyline and gameplay and graphics solutions.Play Prince of Persia can be in the mini-browser games.It can be full copies of the first version of the game, as well as some variations.For example, the player again helps Prince escape from the prison, jump over deadly abyss fight with the soldiers, but it stands out a lot less time, just eight minutes.There is also a flash game "Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands", continues the plot of "Sands of Time" - The Prince arrives with his brother and finds his castle, surrounded by the enemy army.The hero always runs forward and the player only needs time to click on the jump and attack to fight the foreign troops and to avoid falling from high walls, falling into the trap.In the mini-versions of "Prince of Persia" can play in this section of the site.

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