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Bread and circuses!This expression of the tenth satire of Juvenal - satirical poet, which he likened to the Roman people, their desire of our heroic past predecessors.Today, this expression has not lost relevance and still clearly demonstrates the desire of generations.So created man that he always needs new emotions, and give him news of cinema, theater, literature, painting, music, engineering and computer games.Yesterday's product quickly become boring and does not cause the initial impressions.But boredom and dissatisfaction express emotion at the sight of yesterday's favorite subject.What can cause a particularly tumultuous experience?Negative!If we talk about video games, the lovely, sensual, romantic stories have left their mark on briefly.And here is where the blood flow like rivers, destruction at every turn, and death goes on his heels, attract people magnet.A striking example of this is the process of the game Prototype (Prototype) - enshn with a science fiction story in the third person.Game company Radical Entertainment has released back in 2009 and it has already gained a reputation as an anti-social.Alex - the main character of all nightmares of this product is an example of the common mistakes of the scientific world.During the dangerous experiment failed, and to light a new mutant.Alex got a new life, but lost his memory.Spiral out of control, it has turned into a dangerous monster, aggressive against all living things.He brings death and destruction, quickly moving through the streets of New York.He did not have weapons, because he became a destructive force that can not be stopped, and its ability to regenerate after injury, and immortality, making it even more dangerous.Alex is able to jump from any height, but suffers only asphalt, crumbling fragile glass.His physical strength is amazing - he grabs the car and throws them easily, like a tennis ball.Destroy skyscraper, uprooted trees and knock down a concrete pole for him is not a problem.With each new mission Alex mutates more and now floats claws, hand-hammer, shield, whip, sword, armor, and other abilities.There is not a share of compassion, and he cruelly and unfairly attacked passersby, throws them on the wall, separates the head and tossed under the wheels of cars.In addition, he is able to take the form of other people, absorbing their knowledge and thoughts.It absorbs their souls, and they feed him.During the game you will meet the prototype and other mutants - zombies.They rush to the people eating them, but all the same Alex who to kill and it does not differentiate between dead and alive.Combat forces trying to stop him, but failed.The game offers a choice - to fulfill a number of missions, or just run around the city and practice of mass murder.The final scene, as if the player is over and leaves room for speculation, and developers a chance to release a sequel.Graphics too ambiguous and if sometimes surprising realism, that place is to use a worn-out cliches, that does not look quite harmonious.Mechanics and sound overlay also did not differ innovation, but overall the game is very bright, dynamic and resembles a Hollywood blockbuster.The game is hardly peaceful, and certainly it is not for the faint of heart.In it, you will not find any morals and profundity.But, but definitely no shortage of bloody scenes of violence and destruction.If you have nerves of steel, and you are not afraid to disturb your sleep with nightmares, then go ahead!

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