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Need for speed, many people just in the blood.Many children dream of becoming racers when they grow up.But while they are small, and the steering wheel car or motorcycle road ordered them, they are looking for an alternative.Who do not ride a bike as a child, developing a crazy speed?And how many of those who did not get in the blood of her knees, falling on roller skates?Of sports equipment, in fact, not so much.The most popular are the roller, bicycle, scooter.There is a skateboard, but we have it is not as popular as in America.Although nothing.Skateboarding, having a simple structure, can bring a lot of experience, and make the heart beat faster.Inexperienced person, at first glance it may seem that on a board with wheels can not go quickly, or doing breath-taking stunts.Such a person will come as a shock to learn that the greatest rate of skateboarding, is 113 km / hYes, yes, it is able to develop a speed Douglas da Silva in 2007.Why are only tricks that skateboarders do ... Ugh, as many goosebumps.As an example, you can call the names of dozens of great skaters, but most of them are unknown.Except one.Tony Hawk's name is known to all who in one way or another interested in riding on the board.It was he who made the main contribution to the promotion of the sport.A game named after him, and did become a best seller in the world of skateboarding.Tricks that you can do in this game, most of them came up, and the first he played Tony.Of course, this sport is not for nothing called extreme.Injury rate is very high, and attempts to perform difficult tricks without proper training, painful experiences and protective ammunition may result in failure.Therefore, a different sport on the boards, racing on skateboards are no less popular.On this topic also released many games to play that you can on our website.Racing games on skateboards will appeal to all who have an unmet need for speed, and the lack of adrenaline.Ride the abandoned factories, city streets, and just wherever your heart desires.Develop your skills, increase the level of skill and professionalism.The main advantage of these games is the fact that having the opportunity to feel like a real pro skateboarding, you do not put yourself at risk, and their limbs fractures.Enjoyable, exciting and interesting pastime you are guaranteed, no matter who you are.Touch the dream, become a great skater on our site!

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