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Have you ever wondered why so many people in our world have cars or motorcycles, and many more dreams about it?It's not just convenience and comfort of movement, lack of public transport in the crush and the independence of the driver.The fact is that we are attracted by the road.Freedom beckons at speed.Speed ​​produces euphoria - a fascinating sense of joy and boundless comprehensive admiration.Just to let you know that the motorcycle racing on the highway, 5 minutes of your life more interesting than most people's entire life.Yes, of course it's dangerous, but in the pursuit of sensations not only to what people want.Many types of motoralli in different countries, motorsport, Formula 1, arcades and other sports attract many participants and spectators.Indeed, it is very impressive - the flying machine in a cloud of smoke and dust, the roar of choppers or squealing wheels sportbikes, turns on the turns, the doses of adrenaline and prizes for experienced passion.Adults is difficult not to admire the courage and daring riders, what to speak in this case about the children?But the drive can only sixteen years old, and the car only eighteen.What if the blood is boiling, and the soul are drawn to the road?Just in time for these fans have developed computer racing games designed for only one type of drive, or combine the different types of races, ranging from racing around the track to ride with obstacles.Fun, which will delay you by the ears and face not one hour of sitting out at the computer in an attempt to defeat the virtual drivers.But what if the rivalry with the computer does not make fun of it?If you want a real fight with a real person?To do this, we are pleased to present you want to play the race for two, making it possible to enjoy high speed, sharing experiences with friends, family and acquaintances.After all, you can compete on anything: motorcycles, race cars, trucks, bicycles and even intergalactic flying saucers.And how about we make a mad race through the streets and lanes of the city?Do not worry about traffic lights, road signs, police cars, howling and screaming pedestrians.Your match was not intended for that to pay attention and to be distracted by such trifles.Feel the true spirit of the road!We hope that our simulations will help you master the intricacies of the future better driving or iron horse.Be careful on the turns!

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