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Rangers, sung in American films, turned his head, and sank into the soul of many people.Reckless boys, with a cigar in his mouth, racing gallop on horseback, or riding in a car in pursuit of a criminal - it is a way of Ranger firmly established in the minds of ordinary people.Rangers are, in fact, the characters in the film are often give some negative traits and habits.They can drink (or even drunk), skurivat nemerenoe number of cigarettes or cigars, swear swearing, be unrestrained, be insufferable character.This image of "bad character" to liking much, because they understand that there is no absolutely right people, and we all have flaws.And when the sickly sweet look supermen have no strength, to help come here are the guys who are fighting against evil, but do not stop and do the little things to sin.But not all the Rangers are.Rangers started the company «Saban» in 1993, have just the opposite quality.The series, based on which have been issued and computer games, the story of Power Rangers, people who fight against evil in the world.The main characters (in different seasons, there were three to six), save the world from the monsters that threaten to destroy it.Rangers are divided into color, a leader in their team selected Red Ranger.This series, as the Rangers won the game around the world a lot of sympathy.Games are a great opportunity to experience yourself as all the adventures of the characters, seen on the screen, and pass new tests by game developers.Rangers games on our site will help you to understand what exactly love this franchise around the world, and whether it is worth your attention and love.An interesting plot and adventures will satisfy both fans of the series, and those who deal with it the first time.That is why the game and the series gaining new fans and put their free time playing.In the series, in addition to the mass of fans, has its own official fan site where fans share opinions, experiences, wishes.If you too are a fan of the series, or you just like a similar theme - the game rangers will not leave you indifferent, because what could be more interesting than the salvation of the world?Not always and not all get the chance to feel like a hero on the actions and decisions of the courage which depends the fate of all mankind.Try on superhero costume yourself, and try to get his way in the salvation of mankind, all the more that you are not alone, you will cover your back always true friends, Power Rangers!

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