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The image of the princess has always been elusive and desirable for girls of all ages at all times. Previously, all the girls wanted to be like Cinderella or Snow White - they are beautiful, kind, and submissive. For this they were awarded life acquaintance with a handsome prince and a happy fate after suffering endured. The modern image of a little princess transformed from docile and humble of girls rebellious, strong and capable on their own exploits girl. Perhaps it did not happen by accident, since the emancipation of women at a higher rate all masters of the world. This is a set of well-known reasons. As a result, women in the world are gaining more and more recognition, becoming stronger and more mobile, and can stand up for yourself and your family better than the stronger sex. A hundred years ago about this turn of events, no one suspected. Emancipation has touched all spheres of human life, and even got into children's stories and animation. This princess twenty-first century can rightly be considered the same cartoon character - Rapunzel. She is smart, energetic, feminine and can stand up for themselves and fight. Rigor and determination she did not hold. She is very beautiful, from its luxury, not the actual length of hair can not look away. The plot tells the story of Rapunzel and her evil stepmother Gothel old woman who abducted her as a child and held captive. When the child grew up and realized all this, she began to show the character and their abilities to escape. In the end, Rapunzel, due to their persistence, strength and loyal assistant was rescued, found love and family. Although, the Brothers Grimm, who originally wrote the tale of Rapunzel, the princess was more soft and docile, Disney has decided to modernize the image of the little princess and we have now is a princess Rapunzel. The kids loved this image. This exciting and popular story could not get into the industry, and now we can enjoy the category of games for girls Rapunzel. So many genres have in their arsenal flash game based on the story of this modern-day princess. This dress up games, and arcade games, and makeup, and the search for items, and many others. Enter into a search engine: game play Rapunzel, and has a game for every taste. Rapunzel games will be very interesting to girls because they are mainly represented in the genres of games for girls. But some online games Rapunzel will be interesting and the boys, in particular logical or arcade. In any case, all of the games Rapunzel very interesting, and tried once, the child will want to participate in the story of a super princess Rapunzel again and again.

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