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To all fans of the genre Disney cartoons had to taste a new creation studio.Cartoon "Tangled.Tangled "is one of the most cash lately.Children and their parents had the opportunity to see a fascinating and funny cartoon about the stolen evil sorceress princess and shiftless thief town.The life of the main characters did not work from the start.Flynn, a thief who always gets into trouble and now it was finally decided to catch.And Rapunzel stayed locked up for life in a tower, and she could not bear to wonder what are the secrets to keep the world outside.Trying to hide from the guards, Flynn gets to Rapunzel and so is their familiarity.Rapunzel guy promises to hold it in the city while her "mother" is out.And start the adventure of our heroes.Made a very funny character, for example, the horse, who pursues Flynn - a very interesting character with the character and vision of the world.Developers, based on the cartoon story, created a flash game on Rapunzel.Now Flynn will have to run, jump and hide in the bushes and barrels from the guards, tearing his portrait with the trees like a dangerous criminal.Rapunzel will also be picking flowers, avoiding the same guards, she did not want to be taken back to the tower.The game is suitable for each age category, and will be of interest both girls and boys.For children, there are games to find the numbers in the pictures or search image fragments by the addition of various games puzzles and coloring pages.Girls dress up games are provided with Rapunzel.The process of game you will grab his head, solve puzzles, find answers.Test your flash gaming opportunities in a tangled story.Help the heroes of the game delivering on the job while trying to score the most points in the game.Tangled Rapunzel game play to make everyone who watched the cartoon itself, they will be indifferent to online games of this theme, every once tried his hand in place of heroes tangled tale.In some of the games in this category can play together, so lure friends to help you in a particular case, or to become your competitor and get more points or get the game faster for you.This is a good pastime and a great chance to compete with friends.You can go all the way to your characters in the cartoon or take a completely new adventure for you.The game is very interesting in that they even agreed a contract with the Disney studio for the creation and distribution of games about a long-haired princess.Let the magic world to become part of your life, believe in fairy tales, and they will happen in your life.

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