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Open his own restaurant, cafe or diner is easy when everything is happening in the virtual reality computer games.Here you can become a chef and a waiter in an Italian pizzeria, gourmet cafeterias, fast food.Games for girls cafes offer a nice interior and uniquely decorated plate and serve visitors.Restaurant strategies for boys emphasize the practicality, performance and economic benefits.In games with a cafe you see before you a few tables or a tray of food for sale.Buyers come to you with the help of special icons indicate that they would like to eat.This order must execute quickly, otherwise the client will start to get nervous and may even leave hungry.To avoid this, it is desirable to prepare a variety of meals in advance.Games for girls restaurants differently implemented cooking process.In one toy only need to click on the icon menu items and wait for a while.The other requires a lot more work to do - for example, to prepare a hamburger patty to fry, put it in a loaf of bread, add a slice of tomato there, pour mustard.Cook enough to customer satisfaction, as an order to him to file.If there is a waiter in a restaurant, you can give him a job to serve the visitor.If it is a simple tray outside, enough to pull the food to a hungry man mouse.For the game to cook in a restaurant quality, because visitors will not tolerate refried sausages, cold coffee or melted ice cream.If the gaming café serves low-quality products, customers at best pay only a small amount, rather than a full account.In the worst case will go, just do not give the cashier institution.Earn virtual money - an important component of restaurant simulation.Typically, these games are divided into rounds-a-days, all of which need to earn a certain amount.This will be a through ticket to the next level, and if you do not comply with this condition will have to try again and again.Games online restaurants will become more complicated with increasing experience of the player.For example, if in the first round at the cafe is only served ice cream, juice and two kinds of rolls, then in the third day of this range can add several kinds of cakes, drinks, snacks - so the game will be more difficult, more interesting and will be able to earn more money.Often to increase profits to buy new equipment - coffee machine, refrigerator ice cream counter with fruit.Game restaurants and cafes are available in this section of the site.Open up any of them and feed all of the hungry in the game world.

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