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The variety of colors and shapes will delight us in games with fish.

Fish are unique creatures.Do you think that in them special?They do not produce any sound, not running after the ball, not flippers for feet.They do not go out for a walk in the park and they do not scratch your behind the ear.But would still like they have on the human truly hypnotic effect.Even the most active, restless child stiffens the wall with an aquarium and mesmerized watching the underwater life of the microcosm.Colored fish gently plucked fins, arching calf playing sparkling iridescent scales gracefully, as if floating, not swimming, among ornamental coral and seaweed forests.Worth watching for these little creatures, the state of mind becomes balanced and settled in peace.Knowledge of such a therapeutic effect on the human psyche aquariums, they are often placed in doctors' offices and corporate offices, but at home they are also part of the inhabitants.Despite the seeming simplicity of care for fish, it is very costly and complex process.To create comfort and beauty, you need to purchase equipment and preparations for water purification, oxygen supply, to maintain the same temperature, light, nutrient mixture and feeders for them.The aquarium is also an important detail, since it serves more fishes and a place to hide.If all this is not yet available to you, live aquarium fish can replace the game.Colorful simulators can provide no less fascinating action, and to create the illusion of reality, virtual fish also have to feed, grow plants, add decorations and stones, to monitor the temperature.They can serve as the screen saver on your PC monitor or become a "guardian" of the screen, including with the long absence of action on the computer.Games with economics will allow you to open your own shop aquarium fish or pre-plant them before selling.To diversify, buy eggs, fry otsazhivayut time of big fish, watch the scale of hunger and temperature conditions.A simple process is so exciting that you do not feel like the time the game is dissolved.As an example of the economic strategy with elements of the quest to find items can serve as the game "Fishdom".Making money with mini-games and picking up objects from the floor, swimming diving, you buy you need to create the aquarium of your dreams.Try to keep the items were not only useful, but also to create comfort and your work took first place in the competition, won the award.Play the fish can be catching them at the bait or net.While fishing can be quite different - a single, competitive, underwater.You can go to any beautiful place and cast your line in the lake full of fish that you do not even know.And if you go to the open sea or the ocean, you can become a real sailor, fisherman and drag heavy nets on board and shoot harpoon and catch catfish, stingray, shark, whale.A dive to the bottom of the diving, you can not just shoot morays, Sabretooth, chimeras, monkfish, fish, vipers, fish, lions and squid-pigs, and take them to the camera in order to sell pictures to specialized journals.Try to survive among the predators, when you're the little one!In one of the games you will be proposed to act as a fry and to survive, it is necessary to eat anything smaller than you but do not get caught on the tooth adult fish.But when you grow up, will be able to hunt for themselves the same fines, which were recently yourself.This and much more offer games fish.

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