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Cows and bulls are often seen as a somewhat silly animals, always chewing something and publishing moaning sounds.And few people know that these animals have another, full of adventure and fun life.A life in which they are completely different, not like anyone else.Of course, this is not real life and real adventures.They are designed and written by the creators of the animated film "Horns and hooves."But what does it matter, because the primary audience is children, and they believe in miracles, and that's for real.Cartoon story of life on the farm where the bull Otis and his friends leads a double life, unknown to the farmer and his family.But one day, a fun and relaxing is over.This happens after a farm attack gang vicious coyotes, and in combating the father dies Otis, and concurrently also the head of the barnyard, bull Ben.Dying, he put on his son his powers and duties, and Otis nothing remains as to fulfill the last wish of his father, and to protect the inhabitants from raids farm bandits.This is where the adventure begins, witnessed by all who have seen the popular cartoon.But, as we all know, it is better to try once yourself than a hundred times to see or hear.It is guided by this rule makers of computer and mobile games horns and hooves.And they were right, the opportunity to take part in the adventures of your favorite hero has pleased all those who were familiar with the cartoon.And those who did not see it, be sure to have fled after the game to watch it, in order to fully comprehend the favorite of the whole plot of the game.Horns and hooves to play for free now you can and for free on our site.Have you seen the cartoon, or have never even heard of it, has absolutely no value.The game is so good that instantly make you a fan of the main characters, and certainly encourage you to look them in the animated adventure.It does not matter even your age, whether you are at least fifty years, and at least 10 - the game will still have you like, as good humor and funny story of this game will not leave you indifferent.What's that, and even the mood of the game is able to raise, so was created.But it is not only fun awaits you.You will meet the enemy face to face, and your nerves will be put to test.You have to make choices and solve not only for themselves but also for the other residents of the barnyard, since you now their head and support.It is up to you, they will wait for advice and help, and your job is to be a worthy example for others to follow.Be able to handle the job?Learn the game!

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