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Robots.How many in this word.And a lot of mechanics, and all imaginable and unimaginable just the laws of physics and micro wonders of the universe, the aspirations of the peoples and their greatest fear.Robots are created to help people, you all know.Here are just a category exists and mechanisms to combat missions.Despite the potential danger, these mechanisms have found the uniform application in all areas of human life.Robot - a universal builder, cleaner, developer, planner, as well as soldiers, police and astronaut.Robots - complex mechanical structures that exist with us since the late nineteenth century.However, until that time, were the development to create machines that can somehow replace the man in his way and facilitate the activities of his life.As early as the twelfth century Arab scholar and inventor Al-Jazari built three mechanical figures, musicians playing the tambourine, flute and harp.A first picture of a humanoid robot was painted by Leonardo da Vinci in the one thousand four hundred and ninety fifth year and containing the details of the image of the mechanical knight able to sit up, move your head, hands and push open the visor.At the beginning of the era of rapid development of industry people even fought with robotic machines, as mechanization reduced the required number of people working in the factories.As can be seen, the robots always evoked a mixed assessment in the eyes of the people, and this duality has always attracted writers, developers, and engineers.In the era of total computerization robots, like two peas similar to humans, they have no surprises.But it is very expensive to develop and not only hard to get, but sometimes just to see.How, then, do all the boys of the planet, in love with Transformers and robocops?Before, and now, but in smaller numbers, there were all sorts of designers, cartoons and books about robots that are informative and fun, but did not allow for self-control robots.Now online games robots can not only easy to operate, but also to fight with other members of the native kingdoms and even improve its electronic-metal hero.Robots games online will not require you any money to buy a designer for his child or a new DVD-ROM with a film about Transformers, you will not have to clean the room every day from the accumulated toys, and you do not have to be a company in the games that will free up more time for themselves.That is why the games for boys robots so loved by both children and parents.

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