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About mutation has long been known as an accidental and intentional.Many scientists have tried to get mutation of plants and animals.Scientists working on Hitler tried to make human mutation.All these people had different thoughts, they pursued different goals.Someone wanted to do it in the name of science, and to make his name in the list of the greatest scientists.Others wanted to prove to myself and the world that the world is not perfect, and God could be wrong, creating all living things.The question now is not a random mutation of the body, but of deliberate research, experiments, experimentation, in order to change the structure and features of a living object.It is ironic, but failed to achieve success not a scientist, and the two writers, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.They created the first-ever mutant.Naturally this is not something material and tangible, because they did not create this mutant.They came up with the idea of ​​a new ... comics.Yes, yes, it is in the comics these authors, the world was first exposed to the mutants.Another important factor is that the mutants were not horrible monsters who want to destroy all life, and the heroes who wanted to save all living beings.These mutants authors dubbed the X-Men.This topic has been well received by the masses, and comics gained worldwide fame.They began making films, someone inspired by the idea, even wrote a book.The most popular creation of cinema, of course, is the X-Men motion picture epic.The main hero stands Logan, known as Wolverine.The nickname has special meaning for him, of which the world is related in the first part of the film.Wolverine, with his fellow mutants acquainted with Dr. Xavier, himself, being a mutant, instructing others on the path of goodness.But could not do without the villains, with which the other group acted mutants led by Magneto, a former friend of Xavier.The film was a huge success, and soon began to leave his gaming options.Game about Wolverine is very popular among all generations.Game Wolverine and the X-Men allow yourself to feel like a mutant.But it is not something bad and awful, and kind and selfless hero.The word itself has negative mutant of the association, but after watching the movie, or the passing game associations change for the better.Feel noble savior of mankind, by fate endowed with superhuman abilities and capacities.Complete the game in one go, and realize that being normal is not so bad.At least, nothing save the world requires.Enjoy the game, adventures await you!

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