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Have you ever thought about what may be living on the bottom, under the water column, not knowing dehumidifying winds and hot, scorching sun?Have you ever wanted to dive into the world of fabulous creatures, evil or good, living underwater world?Certainly not the one time you swam in the seas, lakes and rivers.And for sure you at least once in their lives to try to swim attracted further dive deeper, overcoming the fear of the unknown.From ancient myths and legends we know that often surface waters are home to local water deities, nymphs and magical creatures.One of these magical poluryba mermaid-half people are female and male newts.Mermaid - the ancient creatures that live in a variety of waters, from the depths of the sea, the ocean depths to the turbulent rivers, lakes and secluded tranquil backwaters.They are cunning, sometimes violent, and like when they do not bother.They have a sharp, shrill laughter, often causes bewilderment on the faces inadvertently wandered into the reeds of travelers or holidaymakers.In retaliation for the holidays or just disturbed from ozornichestva, mermaids love to play with people, attracting close to the shore of his mellifluous speech, laughter, singing in ancient languages ​​and its indescribable beauty looks.Enchanted man, they take it to the bottom, where, according to whim, can be done in one of their own, or eat in their banquet halls.Mermaids - Sirens relatives, from and received his wonderful voice, possessing fascinating play of intonation and hypnotic effects, induces the human mind is completely obedience.Despite the dangers associated with them, mermaids still attract people with stories of eyewitnesses of rare otherworldly beauty and magical abilities.In order to safely approach them, humanity has removed a lot of movies about mermaids and come up with a lot of games.Mermaid game open you the underwater world through the eyes of man, will talk about the possible ability of these water guards will show their relationship to each other and the outside world.Not surprisingly, most often it is the girls want to know more about mermaids as less engage the child's consciousness units "do not exist because they have not seen," and is more open to the unknown world.Often games for girls mermaids, which include mermaids h2o games are built on the series, somehow lifts the veil of magic.If you want your child to be more selective in the myths and creatures associated with them, I felt that there is not only the ordinary and the present, but hidden and secret, similar game you definitely fit.

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