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Since ancient times, mankind has sought to fly, and many wondered and wondered why people can not fly like birds do.This fact say rock paintings of ancient people in the caves.It turns out that ancient people drew something like modern airplanes in ancient times.However, building these planes have more recently, by the standards of history.Many people then wanted to become pilots, and then the astronauts.However, to implement such a dream to spend a large part of his life that learn this skill.Not everyone can withstand this trial.But online games aircraft available to the whole world!Each person can go to the Internet to our website, run games online and enjoy the wonderful aircraft sensation of flight and to look at people with a bird's eye or even look at our planet from space.Quite often, the game Fly on planes offer you deliver passengers from point "A" to point "B".Also, sometimes you have to deliver the goods in a certain place.But the most popular game on the aircraft require you to you to perform the most complex military missions, and also participated in the severe air battles.You can feel like a military pilot, and many of them became heroes of the First and Second World War.Probably every child at least once seriously contemplated becoming a pilot or astronaut.Especially this idea appeared after, when we learned about the first heroes of astronauts, which became a symbol of Soviet power and the main argument for the superiority of our country over the United States.Control the aircraft was also very attractive to many Soviet and Russian children.Great height, and has a great responsibility, there was always something especially attractive.If the desire to "free skies" and the flight is still in you and a piece of your heart still wants to travel across the sky, be sure to play all the games on our site related to flying on airplanes.You will be able to fully enjoy all the joys of such a flight.To master the most quality control on airplanes, in almost all of these games have training regimes.You can first try to learn the basics of management, and then proceed to carry out the mission.In training mode, you can learn how to do various dizzying pirouettes in the air, such as a loop.

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