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Flash games in pursuit of something new and popular grown to unprecedented proportions.To find your audience, and keep it for a long time, the game must be original and memorable.It was a game in 2003, has developed a graduate of the Prague Academy of Sciences, Czech designer Jakub Dvorsky.This he did not specifically Zamora thesis project was the original developer.Even then, coming to World Wide Web, the game won the crowds of fans.Who would have thought that this game would attract the attention of so many people, but still it happened.The game is a work of art and different vision of reality itself.We get to know a little gnome who wants to save his home from a meteorite that flies straight at him.Offers fun adventure on a flying object.There is a certain chain of events, without having to run a single event can not happen more.So, by logic or simple luck, you find the underlying thread, and have come from her, and follow-up.The game has a truly unique atmosphere, this kind of game, quite catchy and rarely known to a wide range of players.Zamora may be entitled to authorship, he became one of the religious quest of our time.Original graphics and music will be a nice addition to the gameplay.Zamora to become one of your favorite games.With time came addition to fans of the game, but as a commercial game.Zamora two players disappointed because I should have to pay, but still it was quite symbolic price, because the game does not lose his fans and fans of the genre.Players for a long time continued to wait for the third part of the game, but Zamora 3 and has not appeared on the Internet.Jakub Dvorsky closed the project, and in Zamora 3 play is hardly anyone out.Original designer himself has opened a new project - Machinarium, which is also expected in the unmatched style Dvorsky.But fans did not want to settle down Zamora, and now, the network can find a lot of games replicate the original game, called Zamora 3.Under the brand name of Zamora came as a game for kids wanting to learn a foreign language.Game category Zamora 3 is a collection of most of these copies.Perhaps even they will find their target audience.We can only hope that Dvorsky rethink its decision and adopt the new draft Zamora 3.Such memorable masterpieces were gone a long time.All the exciting games and talented developers - new ideas and projects.

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