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Games for Girls secretary

When school and college behind, comes to the fore the need to find work.All - childhood was over, now we have the means to produce a living and build a career.In girls, it often begins with the role of secretary.This is the lowest level in the hierarchy of command within the company, but it is a good school of survival and knowledge to climb the corporate ladder.To give an idea of ​​the post, games for girls secretary demonstrate all its subtleties.Game plot develops this theme and put the girls in different situations that have to deal with honor, if you want to succeed.Secretary - it is also the face of the company.All visitors and staff will certainly look to it, and it should show all the competence ownership situation.Some want to make an appointment with the head, others had to process the documents, send the letter.Head also has a special right to dispose of the secretary.Despite the fact that it is loaded up with the work, he asked him to cook coffee or run to the buffet for biscuits.Secretary reminds many-armed Hindu goddess and multifaceted.To have time to fax or receive a fax, answer e-mails, otkserit stack of documents, print orders, answer the phone and the chief cook coffee, she had to have several pairs of hands and a couple of goals.At the same time, we must not forget about yourself.When you come back home late at night after work, head is aching and his legs refused to walk.Want to fall into bed and sleep until morning.But do not forget the cardinal rule of the secretary - she should always look fresh and elegant!Where's all take the time?Well, it would have to cut out a minute during the working process - plucked eyebrows, apply makeup, to fix a manicure and haircut.That's just like the administration does not approve in the workplace and may deprive the award, make a reprimand or even fire!Since we compared the secretary to the goddess, it shall comply with this status and to be not only beautiful and agile staff, but watchful.One eye controls guidance of professional make-up, and the second follows the boss door.As soon as it appears on the door of the room, quickly take position and try not to turn to him not painted side of his face.During a game for girls you pass secretary not less serious school of life than if you were in the army in hot spots.You've got to have nerves of steel and force yourself to smile even when you feel disgusted, scratching cats and want to cry in three streams of fatigue and frustration.But when you have to work as a secretary in life, you will know what to expect and fear, and where you can cheat and get out.Not always work loads so as not to have time to enjoy moments.In the office, there is always a nice guy, which is constantly looking for a look and get back no less eloquent signals.You can meet him at the coffee machine and a little flirt, and if the relationship moved to the next phase of dating, then kisses become a natural expression of sympathy.But not everything is so simple and there.Affair at work are not welcome, so you should try to avoid prying eyes, not to please the prince under "pressure".But if all fear, life would be fresh and totally uninteresting.Games for Girls secretary - are fascinating products.After learning about the profession advance, the girls will be ready to face the challenges already in their present life.

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