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In the not so distant Soviet times, service was more a mockery of the consumer and does not justify its title. Everywhere reigned queue, and every question in the store could hear unchanging sellers favorite phrase: "all in front of you." In hairdressing standard haircuts and styling, clothing and shoes differ only in size, the products were on an expired validity date, and in the dining rooms of consumers waiting burnt burgers and porridge, meatless soups and salads are chapped. About any delicacies not go talk to people and even did not occur to ask about exotic fruits and creative dishes. Furniture and other interior parts is also not marked by diversity and apartments often met the same type of cabinets, sofas, lamps, pictures, televisions, carpets, dishes. Such leveling and doing the same type of people - all dressed alike, wore similar hairstyles. From the thought of people becoming one, turning them into a gray mass. When the Iron Curtain fell, hiding from us a variety of things, there are more opportunities to express their individuality. Began to develop a private business by offering the best quality of service and variety of goods. There was competition, resulted in a new standard of service. In cafes and restaurants are now trying to cater to visitors, wishing to make them permanent regulars. Clothing blossomed colors and styles, in hair fashion magazines came with all sorts of styles, cuts, and pilings. Cosmetics has gone beyond lip-pencil-ink and blue shadows, and reveal to the women of fashion bright palette, and make-up artists learned to enjoy all this wealth. Today we can not imagine how you ever managed to live without all the current features. But now even online game service taught us the basics of their own business. Now kids can touch the world and build a virtual adult cafe, restaurant, beauty salon, shops, a bakery, a hotel, a massage parlor and even the train station or airport. Each game has its own terms of the story, but any of them have in common - fast and quality services to visitors with a smile and a polite greeting. Play online game service possible and in the construction and development of the farm, creating an amusement park, zoo, kindergarten, hospital. You'll take care of children or animals, feeding them, and taking care of vygulivaya sleep, hygiene and health. Start any business from scratch is always difficult. But when it is determined the main line of conduct, everything will come out by itself. The few buyers will become permanent and will lead to their friends and relatives. Those, in turn, also oblyubuyut your institution and will come to you on a regular basis, resulting in already acquaintances. That's the chain, you will get fans of your business. But, in order not to disappoint them, constantly improve facilities and expand the range of goods and services. Do not forget to decorate your institution - it is very pleasant to people. Holidays are always a full, if you are surrounded with nice decor and a relaxing atmosphere. If you decide to do serious business, for example such as the transport of goods, then replenish your garage new machines of different capacities. Cleaning is also a noble cause. Public places will be crowded and bring profit, if they will not hide the beauty of a layer of dirt. Playing games service for free, cleaning beaches, you will find yourself invaluable to the public, but for themselves earn good money.

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