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Shooter - probably one of the biggest categories on our site.Due to the popularity of this particular genre, the site features over five hundred games of this subject.So, if you like shooter games, you will not find a suitable game is simply impossible.So, the game is a stick shooters in the genre of action, where the basis of gameplay is shooting from different weapons.So if the best sound for you is shot, this category of flash drives is the best fit for leisure.Given the number of games in this category, it's hard to describe them all.But to start, perhaps, is the one particular category.Many have probably heard this phrase: "God made the people strong and weak.Samuel Colt made them equal. "This phrase was the advertising slogan to sell weapons grade Colt.After all, in the Wild West guns and rifles were often the only way to prove their case.Because of this, the novels about cowboys, and later movies and games have become so popular.After all, today those days are perceived with a touch of freedom and romance.As a rule, this category of games the player is required to demonstrate the speed and accuracy of response to defeat enemies in unequal fight.After all, at stake in these matches is not only wealth and fame, but also his own life.Other games focus on a variety of shooters war, which in the history of mankind has been done.The attention is focused on the time when the battle with swords gave way to muskets and later rifles, assault rifles and machine guns.The Games in this category, there are opportunities famously run with a rifle at the ready on the main theaters of operations of two world wars and other real and fictional battles.If the military battle is not of particular interest, you can feel as a special forces soldier Accurate or assassin.In this case we are talking about the craft of the sniper.The essence of these games is not just a very accurate shooting, but with patience.It is so important not just to shoot, but to wait for the right moment.And that's not to mention the complexity of target shooting at moving targets.Beyond consideration there are still dozens of genres, which will have to defend themselves with a weapon against zombies, monsters, terrorists, police and a variety of other enemies.However, the nature of such games remains one - just the right weapon to help protect yourself and loved ones in extreme situations, when deciding the important question - who will live and who will die.If you know the correct answer to this question, then you just play shooters like.And the choice of flash drives really great.

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