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As you know, Shrek - is an animated film, which has already become a cult not only for children, but even for adults who are happy to come to see this wonderful cartoon in the cinemas of the city.Every new piece of this creation animation studio DreamWorks Animation entire world waited with anticipation.Not surprisingly, the Shrek online games have also become very popular all over the world."On this wonderful cartoon?, "Asked the few people who have not watched it.This is the story of large green giant, whose name was "Shrek."He lived all alone somewhere in the woods on a swamp.The swamp he believed completely his.However, once the ruler of the kingdom, Lord Farkuad ruthlessly drove all the inhabitants on the fabulous swamp where Shrek lived.Since then carefree life Shrek over.However, the Lord has promised to return the green giant swamp when he returns Princess Fiona.Fiona is languishing in a tower guarded by an evil, fire-breathing dragon.This cartoon is a very exciting and interesting.It is no accident he was awarded the "Oscar" as the best animated film!Now you can play games Shrek 1 and independently participate in the adventures of a green giant Shrek.There are a variety of Shrek games online, for adventure, and for fans to decorate your favorite character.Have a nice free time for such entertainment.By the way, after the first part of the cartoon has already published three sequels this story.The fourth part was called "Shrek Forever", where green orc tortured nostalgia for the old days.This part was especially popular, and earned its creators more than seven hundred million dollars at the box office.Shortly after the cartoon was created and the game Shrek Forever After, which also became very popular.In general, Shrek has turned one of the most famous and popular cartoon characters of all time!This green giant sufficiently extraordinary personality.Who would have thought, before the release of the famous cartoon series, which can live in the swamp is a monster, which cleans teeth caterpillar droppings and makes candles out of wax?Imaginative writers went cartoon only a plus.Also one of the most popular cartoon characters is a donkey, do not be silent for all four parts.Shrek 4 game filled with different cartoon characters.There is not only the Shrek and Fiona, and Donkey, and, of course, Puss in Boots!

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