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Simulation of life - a computer game, which most quality show life troubles and problems, reveal to us the alternative world, which is very similar to the real one.Children they allow a closer look at the problems of adults, and adults provide an opportunity to take a good look at the world through different eyes, to comprehend and understand the reality.For example, you can try to remember the school and the hours spent in it.After all, almost everyone has come up in the mind is not only the lucky first graders with bows and good teachers, but the first fight on the back of the school yard jokes from classmates unforgettable first love and lots of different funny jokes.By playing these games, you can go back to school and establish there own ways, becoming a bully of the first hand, or, on the contrary, an excellent student, and whistleblowers.Other realms of life simulators are some virtual image of what we wanted to see in the near or distant future.Ideal family, a good job, comfortable, large, warm cottage and a beautiful wife, good children and dog Sharik, who greets you with a nice job.A wonderful way to assess our future and reflect their aspirations, characteristics and ideals.Task impossibly simple: to save money, get hold of a family and bring up full members of the virtual community.Play and enjoy, it's so nice to feel like the creator of his own happiness, even in the game.If you're a fan of history, whether medieval or ancient times, developers can offer you the choice of the ancient city in different cubbyhole world, from Europe and Asia to the Indian settlements in the Americas.In these towns, you can establish his dynasty, make allies and enemies, become a local bard-pesnopevtsem, built his tavern and bakery, to life defender of law and order - the judge or be terrifying bandit.Maybe you've always dreamed of being a fearless lifeguard, firefighter or ambulance services, can not imagine myself without the help of family and friends?Simulation life gladly give you that opportunity.Perfectly designed to the smallest detail disaster requiring urgent removal, an important operation in which you have your immediate participation - all this up and detail prescribed specifically for people who value human life.A wide range of games of this topic includes not only the above model, but also much more.Because it's safe to say that you definitely find something that you like.

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