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The animated series "The Simpsons" first appeared in 1989 and continues to produce new series combined into seasons.This product is constantly conflicting opinions and feelings.Some perceive it to "cheer", while others try to cover long-term project, referring to the anti-social symptoms."The Simpsons" really take in the sights of many of society's problems and make fun of them, exaggerating for clarity.Topics parenting, modern television, literature and music are covered in the series.Not escape the attention of the writers and the problem of drug addiction, alcoholism, religion, different countries, youth trends, family relationships and sex in general, adolescent conflict, the police, the school.Every aspect of life is left unattended and put to a general court.Not surprisingly, this public "nudity" getting nervous those who find themselves among the characters of the cartoon.Politicians, police services, doctors, religious beliefs and other powerful forces are making every effort to close the show, referring to the fact that it has a corrupting influence on the minds of young people and excites the minds of their parents.In fact inhabitants gladly laugh at their problems and shortcomings, but at the same time over the powerful.Humor of the animated series bites, and therefore causes much discontent of those who created the image sees itself on the negative side.In one family directors and screenwriters have managed to translate the different members of society, and the Simpsons games continue to adhere to the specified colors and offer to play in them, choosing one of the members of the family hilarious.Homer - lazy and stupid, trying to avoid work, but it is an active regular at a pub.Zucchini his second home, where he communicates with friends, are not seeking to raise their cultural level and does not suffer from the fact that they are seen as "a mistake of nature."In games, you will find Homer in different situations, but as he beer lover, then you will have to collect the glasses and bottles, looking them in the most remote corners of the playing space, knock them in the air and catch on the bar.When Homer "will flood the collar" once, then make the bravado to take it in hand and a gun in the middle of the town to open the hunting, shooting peaceful neighbors.His wife, Margie, on the contrary a very responsible and punctual.She has many hobbies and she leads an active social life.It aims to be in good form and follow the figure.In games dress you choose her dress and jewelry.Also be able to help her get out of the room, putting things in order.The most unpredictable in the family - it's Bart.His success in school is not happy, the neighbors complain about his antics, and the good children, he has a bad influence.Simpsons game to play with it especially fun.Shooting a slingshot, skateboarding and car theft for him childish pranks.He might do anything, so do not get amazed anything.About Maggie little you can see in the games for the care of children and to hold it through the maze in search of the nipple or candy, but with Lisa to learn the lessons in math, grammar, and English.Simpsons games online - this puzzles, coloring pages, search for items and differences.Vivid pictures show the characters you are familiar scenes from the animated series.Playing in The Simpsons Game 3 online, you can participate in a race or battle with zombies.Extend your communication with an extraordinary family, all playing online games Simpsons.

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