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These funny characters will cheer up everyone.

Previously, parents are often faced with a situation where the child begins to show an interest in computer games, but the range was not ready to offer anything that would fit most young age without hurting his fragile psyche and bringing to mind the negative.This phase of development of game products long gone, and today gamers are open to beginners whole section devoted to them alone.Now the parents appeared excellent assistants, can not only entertain but also to educate, inculcate the qualities of character that are essential harmony mannered people.Often the ideas are taken from the cartoons.This is not surprising, since it is the first film opens kids world of fairy tales and stories.Since its introduction to fictional characters, crumbs for the first time they see them on TV, and then to meet on computer monitors, which immediately attracts their attention and arouse interest.The "World without Violence" became a parent of Russian animated series "Smeshariki".As the main characters are the round being, and to distinguish them, they are made of different colors and put on other distinctive features.In each series Smeshariki solve another problem, and thus, tell children to, there is no hopeless situations that can not be overcome, especially with friends.All characters (except clone Losyash) positive and it perpetuates a child's trust in the goodness.Cartoon authors managed in a simple way for a coherent understanding of the child, to convey to them the philosophy of deep, moral values ​​and other important concepts.Smeshariki games have come out since 2005, and today their number continues to increase.With their favorite characters, children can learn grammar and mathematics.Do it in such an interesting way much nicer than to have the book, and this is very important when a child just beginning to lay the concept of the need for education.But best of all, that give the opportunity for free play Smeshariki.Developing skills of logic, hand movements, agility, intelligence and observation will also be very useful, and all that offer games Smeshariki online.Playing football, volleyball or doing dances, kids will learn to win with honor and lose with dignity.Funny little animals round offer many ways to take your time.Driving crumble in the race, which is involved in the competition, it is necessary to react to obstacles and jump over them.And flying in a plane over the pattern on the ground, it is necessary to fill it snowflakes, repeating pattern in the air geometry.Another version of the game offers, piloting, catch hearts or gather small bunches into one large, but to avoid a collision with a huge bouquet, not to lose.Smeshariki games for girls dress Nyusha offer.First you have to remember how she dressed in the picture, and then pick up for her wardrobe of the proposed items.She also loves to jump on the trampoline and do different tricks, but crumbles need help to escape from the iron Nanny, so that she did not catch it and zanyanchila.Smeshariki game play for free is very fun, gamble and informative.There are games on the accuracy and speed, where Smeshariki happy to race on typewriters and shoot the subjects.They also build a plant to produce bubbles and paint hives.You can also build one of Smesharikov and wrote a note in the cloud, send it to a friend.Choose the most interesting game and not be bored!

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