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North Pole has always attracted people with his icy calm.To someone he strikes fear and anxiety, someone rather attracted thirst research and glory of the pioneer.Everyone knows that the land barren, devoid of vegetation, and few people can live there.But there are exceptions, and this - the polar bear.They have long been adapted to these difficult conditions, and feel quite comfortable there.Despite the fact that polar bears are quite severe, and of great strength, the townsfolk they seem pretty little animals.A role in the popularization of these animals is the fact that these animals are quite common in movies and cartoons, and almost always show them in a positive way, not as ferocious predators, and as fun and good "teddy" bears.All at once, probably remembered cartoon "Umka", which is not unique.The image of a polar bear could not lose sight of the game developers.There was a huge number of games, in which the main character played white teddy bear.Undoubtedly, the primary audience for which they were designed games, are children.Little boys and girls simply could not fall in love with such a positive and fun character.One such game is the game "Snowball."It's not even a game, but a whole series of games, the adventures of a white bear named Snowball.The players seeks to pass a variety of levels, controlling their hero.As the game to collect all sorts of stones and other little things along the way.On some levels the game snowball may seem that way no more.But it is not because our bear can dig trenches, and it is able to make its way there, where before there was none.Undoubtedly, the polar bear is a cult figure in many industries.His image is printed on stamps, on the label of beer bottles, he even managed to take the sport niche.Image of a white bear, will be one of three characters Sochi Olympics to be held in 2014.Polar bears are pretty weak breed, the first female calf is born at the age of 6-8 years.But the creators of the game bears a much more fruitful, and they are a world more and more stories of adventures of these northern inhabitants.About polar bears can be a lot of fun and the story, but much more fun to just go into the game and enjoy the adventures of this wonderful creation.What could be more exciting adventures of the little, defenseless bear?Probably only two such adventures bears.So do not waste much time, forward to the adventure!

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