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Interesting ways to spend leisure time with friends, a great many.From simple gatherings and socializing, ending extreme hiking.There is also a huge variety of games that cater to a few people.Someone chooses darts someone poker.Some people prefer fell table football, and some people like to play monopoly.If you try to make an unofficial rating, then in the top best games, probably, of course, would come in billiards.Game roots in ancient Asian country, has managed to quickly conquer the world.First documented pool table belonged to the King of France, in the XV century.Earlier billiards game was for the elite, it was due to the fact that the production of the table was not cheap, and it could afford only one.The most popular varieties of billiard became American pool, Russian pyramid, carom and snooker.Today we sharpened its attention on snooker.It was he who, in spite of the more complex rules of the game has become one of the most popular types of billiards.He even included in the program of the Paralympic Games, from 1960 to 1988 (in 1980 it was not).Players like Ronnie O "Sullivan, Steve Davis and Jimmy White, become a cult of personality for the fans of this game.Ronnie, for example, has become the face of a variety of computer games of billiards, and significantly contributed to its development.Despite the fact that today the pool is no longer something of the world of luxury, because of cumbersome and expensive main attribute - a table, this game has the nature of a hobby, and few have such equipment in the house.But what if you do not buy an expensive table for that, or he was simply nowhere to put it?For these purposes, there are billiards, which are in most cases an ordinary bar, which set the tables.Such facilities the perfect place to pleasure and fun with friends.Drink a glass of beer, tell a couple of jokes to roll balls.But enjoy it also requires money, and these clubs are, are far away from home.Then you will come to the aid of our website, where you can play online snooker.Yes, the real game is incomparable, but, nevertheless, it can hold for more than one hour.In a break at work, in a boring evening at home, or just on the go, play snooker online will be quite interesting.A lot of games in the series released for mobile phones.So you can wear the pool right in your pocket!It is also worth noting that the game at the pool can not children, because of the large size of the table and the cue.A children's pool of good quality is sometimes less adult.Play snooker, and maybe that's the next guest star worldwide!

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