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Head to the world of adventure with Sonic.

Sonic game in many nostalgic for the days when the series just came out in 1991 for the Mega Drive Sega console, and therefore evoke the genuine interest.For modern gamers familiar with anthropomorphic hedgehog Sonic may be the first experience that will stretch invisible thread between generations.This hero is a tireless fighter against injustice, and without thinking, engages in battle with the enemy from the first seconds of the game.Its main strength lies in the golden rings that give him supernatural abilities to hit the enemy.That is why during the process, you should try to get these rings as much as possible, or else run the risk of losing the battle.Dream interpretation is quite restless computer hero.It is often seen in the company of other characters who come from other games.Thus, a joint mission with Super Mario is not surprising, and the partnership reflected a zombie attack is perceived quite natural event.And being in the world of Mario accidentally, the hedgehog has to find a way out through the mazes and obstacles.As the saying goes - a visit is fine, but sweet home is always best.Play games Sonic 2 nice that game though similar to each control method and graphics, but always offer new stories.Saving a fruitful garden of bats will be for Sonic's new job.Maybe the guard is not the most honorable mission, but when it comes to the principle that there can not be choosers.Fighting off bloodthirsty monsters flying red apples, clear ownership of their invasion.Sports also frequent in the genre set.Playing soccer, volleyball, water skiing, Sonic must be nimble and quick to win the round.And while bowling he will act as the world, but fear for him is not necessary - it protect spines.Driving a motorcycle, blue hedgehog shows unimaginable foolhardiness, deftly climbing the steep hill, and I will go with them, not forgetting to collect their rings.A trick of the rail or on the ski run will show a new side of Sonic.Airspace is not without patrol Sonic.Just seeing the danger, he rushes up and still does not win, would never back down.And the appearance of the air two Super Sonic, promises considerable interest.You need to collect in-flight fireworks and avoid collisions with obstacles.Friendly robots just choke if our hero will act against them.Despite the fact that the difference in the growth of a large, and the robot is armed with serious rockets, our hedgehog knows no fear.Sonic games online free offer a choice of topics.With it, you will never get bored, and the hedgehog will teach you a lesson of survival and morality, which states that friendship and justice - this is the best weapon against the enemy.Sonic meet with friends you can, playing the game from the field to remove identical tiles.They are turned wrong side up, and the image is not visible.Opening them one by one, remember the location of each image, and then, having found a similar, open the same and they both disappear from the board.Play Sonic puzzles and coloring pages will take a break from a busy day and relax with a great pastime.And to add a little excitement, play the Tetris theme.Putting figures in the right order, you take away the solid lines to make room for the next maneuver.Sonic game will not disappoint.They are so much enthusiasm, that energy will be enough for all, and choosing the next game, you select a portion of the super enthusiasm and excitement.

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