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When companies can not create a product that causes mass worship and spread with great speed, it can definitely be called a success.When the massive sales break all records, it is a springboard for its entry in the Guinness book.It is this fate playing Sonic X, Sega launched in 1991.Since its release, the game gained rapid turnover, representing a new thing for the game world.The main characters were anthropomorphic blue hedgehog that destroy enemies, drawing strength from the gold rings.Today, when replacing consoles came computers, the game has undergone modifications and transformed into a new version.Everyone who played with Sonic on consoles Sega Mega Drive, can now enjoy the new plots of games on their PC, well, those who are familiar with the blue hedgehog spikes for the first time, will complement an army of fans of the genre.In newer games, Sonic acquired volume and smooth movements, as opposed to gaming pioneer.But you can turn to options for pixel graphics, if you want to experience the feeling of control to the original product.Sonic X to play online without getting bored now.Hedgehog is still the main character, but now he can share a virtual space with the other games.For example, Super Mario will join Sonic in fighting monsters, offer to take part in the race or walk the labyrinth.There are other characters, some of whom are negative.For example, Dr. Ivo Robotnik alias Eggman makes repeated attempts to take over the world.He is the main opponent of the anti-hero and Sonic the Hedgehog.Uncompromising struggle between two forces creates a lot of stories and entertain gamers.But goodies are always ready to help overcome obstacles and hedgehog appear in the clutch.Among them, the echidna Knuckles, two-tailed fox Prower Miles "Tails" and the hedgehog Amy Rose.Platformer game Sonic X are different in that to fight the enemies, hedgehogs do not need to resort to arms, as he himself excels.As already mentioned, his strength lies in gold rings, so you have to collect them at every opportunity and make sure that the number did not fall to a critical level.Power Sonic falls in descending order of rings that are spent in the battle, and if they do not stay, his life would be in danger.Besides the battle with enemies, Sonic is actively interested in sports, and because it can often be seen playing football, tennis, motor sports and participating in other sports.But above all, play with Sonic - is Action.Moving inside the field of play, dream interpretation will jump through the levels, rising to the top and back down on the ground.In the course will have to collect power-ups to fight the enemies, of which it is full of evil spirits, and even robots.Even the task of cleaning the orchard from bats become an honorable mission for the hero, when to show imagination and ingenuity.Comparing the first game with the latest, assess their quality and pass the invisible thread that connects the interests of different generations together.As you can see, even computer games can unite.This column contains the most interesting stories, where the brave blue hedgehog contributes to the salvation of the world, making it cleaner and more joyous.Help friends always, by the way, and at no goodies they lack.To attach to the virtual world of Sonic, you'll learn a lot more about it and understand how important concepts: friendship, courage, bravery and selflessness.

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