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Skill Games - is a variety of topics, where you can demonstrate their accuracy, speed and reaction. All sorts of jobs will put you in a condition where you are required to have the courage and the ability to quickly solve tasks and find a way out of this situation. To survive and to collect the required number of player points, you must quickly hit the target in shooting accurate hit. In this case, it may be not only the battlefield, but also shooting or task force down balloons. Running on a range of missiles, balls, pebbles, sports discs, shells and hammer, javelin or archery - all require special skill and fitness. Our every action requires dexterity. Even have to cross the road by all the rules, you do not want to please by a car. But also the driver has to be smart, to have time to respond to traffic lights, pedestrians, around a turn, rebuilt between the stripes on the road and reduce or increase the speed at the right time. And if we're talking about the drivers, the ability to park also requires considerable skill. For a seat in the parking lot right there are several applicants, and which of them will be faster is the winner. But it should not forget the care not to damage your car and others. Flash skill games style izbegalok will show you a fun and entertaining. In various embodiments, you need to avoid foreign influence - get away from the sight sniper escape from a monster or out of the room, not to have an accident, get away from the teeth of carnivorous fish or wild animal. This will take you back in a lot of situations where you are required reactivity, attention, strength endurance and good reaction. Even games such as the passage of the maze, you will require dexterity. Here is not just confusing corridors, and all sorts of obstacles that the game developers have equipped them richly. Remember the game Pacman, where devouring everything in its path yellow smiley should avoid dangerous monsters. Even fishing and hunting should be alert and ready to take aim rest hookset or her hooked. Any hunter and fisherman will tell you that no expensive equipment does not guarantee the production, but only facilitates a way to get it. Online skill games in the form of colorful make you appreciate all the merits of the action and be lessons that perfectly mastered yet our ancestors. Continuing to practice the skill, try to jump c parachute and land exactly in the specified target. Even in the virtual world is not so simple. You will always hinder the natural factors - wind, fog, rain and snow. Complicate your task and enemies that are not interested in your victory. You shelled from behind cover or aliens decide to take in the big moment. Medicine is also relevant to this section, because you have to be a talented physician to quickly straighten dislocation, make the dressing, seal aching tooth to connect the vessels and take hard labor. All this before - very fine work that requires manual dexterity. Even you can build a railroad through it and let the train rides. Just the right design will create the desired effect, otherwise the risk to let a train derailed along with the passengers. All our skill games provide free opportunity to express themselves in different forms - to climb a vertical wall without insurance, to conquer a mountain top, park the car, dive to the bottom of the sea and get a beautiful shell, predators or destroy the enemy army detachment.

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