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stalker to play online for free

STALKER - the game that won the sympathy of gamers around the world.In 2007, the Ukrainian studio GSC Game World has produced a completely new product in quality.Over the next two years went further: "Clean Sky", "Shadow of Chernobyl" and "Zov Pripyat."Games created as shooters person player game with elements of role-playing, survival horror and action adventure.And in 2011 it became available guymeram Stalker play online for free.If the basis for creating the game went to the story "Forbidden Experiment" and "Roadside Picnic" by the Strugatsky brothers, the film "Stalker" by Andrei Tarkovsky, and the story itself in Chernobyl exclusion zone, after the appearance of a number of computer games, a new genre direction, apparent in the comics, literature and cinema.The situation is extraordinary, because the game has never served a prototype, but soon bookstores took whole departments under the book on "Stalker".The idea of ​​the game was so urgent that opened to a whole literary niche that science fiction writers were quick to fill.In games describes the Zone - a dangerous world that has generated an explosion of a nuclear power plant.After the accident, the once bustling city was empty, and in its place was formed the territory inhabited by dangerous creatures and anomalies.Every day there is a new release of radiation, which stimulates the formation of new mutations and expanding the boundaries of the zone.The online version of the game contains the location of the versions of "Shadow of Chernobyl" and "Clear Sky".Available, as well, collecting artifacts, trade, hunting mutants and clashes between the factions.In the beginning, you can choose a role and become one of the members of the group, a volunteer or a lone stalker who hunts for artifacts and sells them to a scientist or dealers.In any case, you expect dangerous missions and tasks.In the Zone is no ordinary objects.All of them, like the area, alive.Simple stone can be a deadly weapon, and the bush is able to move.Each day, the geography of the landscape has changed and is changing.Yesterday's cute dog and pig now become your enemy, which is not easy to kill.In a short time they have an accelerated path of evolution and turned into a real monster.These mutations of the living and non-living objects of considerable scientific interest.Artifacts - modified objects have certain properties and are able to promote research in various areas in the years ahead, and radically change the perception of many phenomena.Some artifacts can not only heal, but also to return to life.Others on the contrary - it away.Others give a man of extraordinary abilities, although this effect is of short duration, and soon dissipated.These items are desirable prey as free stalkers and paramilitary units, making them enemies.Area rich and abnormal areas, hidden in secret places, why they become even more dangerous.Innocent at first glance, an air funnel can tear off a leg, and if the funnel will be a little more, the person will spread apart.Stalker Online games have simulated animals, the ability to determine the habitat of mutants and fields rich in artifacts and other features.You can raise your character, conducting missions with him, and his arm, and in a special store to buy useful things.Becoming a member of the group, you will have more opportunities - to build new facilities, equip and strengthen the base.Now you can play online in Stalker free.

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