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American director George Lucas created the incredible popularity of the fantastic saga of "Star Wars" in the early 70's.The project has proved so attractive that provided the impetus for the emergence of side effects even in such serious areas as religion and politics.The public to quickly find a suitable name and moved to the government's program "SDI - Star Wars", and the series of religious sects is welcoming a new course, who took the name "dzhedaizm."In addition, the epic was the beginning of the opening of the film industry a fantastic sub-genre of the same name, the club and the fans, including the role of reconstruction.Naturally, the developers of computer games also do not have to force yourself to beg and went to work, creating their own version of history.Our category offers to play Star Wars adventure action game genre.This is a completely new look at the epic saga, and offered games, you will find familiar characters and see a completely new characters.Star Wars world of constantly changing and moving away from the original.But who said that stagnate right?In the end, the cinema and the virtual online world - they are different universes, living by their own rules and laws.They do not have to repeat and imitate each other, but complement the original ideas - yes.Of both worlds will benefit, and the viewer, the player does not get tired of communication with them.In a number of games gamers can feel like a real Jedi and fight for the blaster.Or turn our eyes to the simulated spacecraft and choose to control bomber, fighter, heavy armor or imperial ship interceptor.Games created close to the idea of ​​the series, offer a variety of levels, weapon selection and application of combat tactics.Also available to choose which side you want to get up, which leads to missions and tasks.Among the characters you'll meet Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padmé Amidala, Captain Panaka, Luke Skywalker and the others.As has been observed in other gaming products than the official series, there are always clones, and the idea of ​​exploiting the popular name to attract users.From the point of view of the player is justified - the more interesting stuff, the exciting game.Thus, the game star wars our section are presented in the diversity that is only able to offer a virtual space.Here you will find a fantastic rpg with combat weapons, and Flying, where space ships cut through the night sky and fighting among themselves, establishing dominance in the galaxy.Meet you and mothers Yoda, who is armed with a lightsaber and fights with opponents.Take part in the match and become Jedi killer who hunts them.And on one of the planets robots ganged up against you, and you have to call them to account.Naturally, the talk will not be able to settle down, so take up arms, and to inspire obedience by force.When in space, a big war will unfold, and Master Kit Fisto led opposition Republican forces and move against Kuorensa, supported separatists have to defend your base from enemy attacks and attacks.Among the games you will find many more stories and features get to know them, and compare with the original idea of ​​the film worlds online.Universe Star Wars gives you the opportunity to become one of the characters of the saga and has come up with a new story.

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