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Check the their accuracy in games with the classic type of weapon.

Bow as a weapon, the most ancient firing device.With him were against enemy tribes and with it hunted wild game to feed his people.To master the art of shooting from him, you need to train for a long time, since the destruction of the target is required to consider a number of factors - the quality of the material from which made the bow, natural conditions and mastery of them.Each warrior or hunter did bow under him, giving him the unique characteristics and use in the manufacture of their own secrets.In the Middle Ages, when people invented a lot of other guns, bow was still in service fairly common.Create an entire army of archers, who were against the enemy, not approaching close to him.Boom could hit the enemy standing on the castle wall, or hiding behind shields of other soldiers.If an arrow fitted with a gas mixture, it becomes even more dangerous fire to wooden buildings and exploding barrels of gunpowder.Archery associated with us and with the Indians - this freedom-loving and proud people.More on the film you used to see their main weapon bow, and sometimes with poisoned arrows.Today, Archer became an athlete.Along with the invention of weapons of mass destruction, onions no longer carries the interest and threat.Now this is a rarity, and refer to him only amateurs.In addition to sporting events can be seen in reconstructions of medieval battles, including children's toys, in film or computer games.But now archery online gives everyone the opportunity, to feel alone, that means hitting the target under adverse conditions, when it is dark, fog, rain or strong wind.Given all these factors, we should not forget the tension of strings and run coal boom.As you can see, master the art of shooting from the ancient weapon is not so easy as it may seem.Archery game online will give you the opportunity to act as a competitor and win the gold medal, showing insight of eyes, hands, and the hardness of peace of mind.Simulators archery released a few, and there are variations even in 3D.But if you want to have some fun, then flash games offer you a lot of ideas.Especially a lot of missions to rescue the gallows, and as a lifeguard stands none other than Robin Hood!That he holds the record for hitting into the end boom and heckling of rope.And to get to the apple lying on the head of a person from a distance - it's all the one-two!He proved himself a good marksman, and you will find a large number of plots, where Robin is the main protagonist.Even Mario infected by robbers and began to imitate him.When, in his world, a villain to hang all the peaceful inhabitants, Mario's nothing left to do, how to shoot friends with buck aimed shot from a bow.There Puru.Puru there was a similar case, and the bandit lifted koloboks all, though, as we know, those no neck.Artemis now to save all people and get an arrow in the rope to rescue them.Archer game and this game, where the participation of the archers will have to deal with an attack of the enemy and defend your castle.Or turn into a medieval young man who dreams of becoming the king's archer, entered the service in the royal army.Archery little Cupid helps connect love hearts, and the elves will be collecting gifts, shooting at them from the bow.Plenty of options are choosing a rich and leave players without an interesting story.

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