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Construction - this is a very exciting process.We are at an early age loved to collect cubes, play with the designers of different sizes, to build houses, mansions, palaces with Lego, as well as painstakingly sit on a house of cards.It happens with age, the desire to indulge in architecture is not quenched.It can be expressed in the desire to do all the time, choose their addiction profession or leave it as it is at the level of a hobby.Often, people are quite happy with their choice of occupation, the need to create wakes, and they turn to for inspiration to the majestic castles, air bridges or ancient cities.What if such a passion is worth more than our flat in the capital?There is a way, and it combines the construction of any kind of format, coupled with the latest in building materials and in accordance with the latest technology.Among other things, this pastime will not cost a single penny.Of course, refers to the game to build houses.You can build a house from scratch on their own grounds, and use your imagination but full, or to erect buildings for templates and with this pre-construction units.For the youngest stages of building the algorithms that children from an early age learn to think logically, and had a picture of this difficult matter, as the construction of buildings.Do not think that this is easy, because the laws of physics apply everywhere, even in the computer simulations of construction!You also have the opportunity to feel like a real engineer, designing, erecting and testing bridges, or find themselves in the role of construction worker, ably coping with work and preventing risks permanent damage.Or maybe you do not want to peddle and you wish to think and build a whole city?So surely delight you introduce our game-construction Metropolis, huge capitals or small, cozy small towns, as the modern world and the ancient towns.If you like to combine architecture and the economy, then you have a special business settings that initially give you a little capital, workers and some prostroennyh cottages.Properly marketing and making money, you can learn to properly distribute them to the necessary materials, special equipment necessary equipment to deploy a full-scale construction of your dream home.Games will build a city for you fresh entertainment, which is a pleasure to spend leisure time.

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