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Military themes in the computer games are widely represented, offering gamers to fight in the open, becoming a foot soldier or using heavy military equipment - aircraft, tanks, submarines. Each existing version has its own nuances, resulting proposed storyline and features. In this section, collected the game that allow the submarine to play online. In realistic simulations recreated the events of the two world wars and the ability to manage deep sea vehicles. You will find yourself in a difficult environment, where, you, the captain, requires knowledge of the characteristics of the bottom and the ability to analyze the situation. It is your important mission - to not let the enemy to your territory from the sea and reflect attacks, hiding their presence until the last moment. Hid in the bottom of the need to observe complete silence as sensitive radars able to catch even a whisper on board your ship. Now you can play for free subs and try on the uniform of a captain. You will learn how to manage the impressive size of the ship, focusing on instruments. In this case, the ability to switch between third-party or first person, will give the opportunity to see what is happening from different angles. You will be available to radar, which shows the movement of other ships and your position, using a periscope you can inspect the situation on the surface, and multiple sensors indicate the depth, policy implementation, condition of the submarine - its possible damage to the hull and internal mechanisms. Even you can change the time during game play on your own. Online game submarine is also presented in a mini version. Operate such games easier, but allows for a variety of different tasks. Some of the products are based on real events, while others offer a fictional story. You will not even be invited to participate in the rescue of the crew of the nuclear missile-carrying cruiser submarine Kursk-141 and fix the story, making it a happy ending. In these games, you will bombard enemy missiles, releasing them on a tip. The more successful shots do, the more comp points you will get. Often in the form of jobs being offered maze dotted with sea corals, mines, rocks and wrecks. This job requires persistence, special attention and concentration. In this case, you can not rush, but do not procrastinate and especially recommended. This kind of logical fun, uniting theme submarines and mazes. In a way sometimes have to collect some items - artifacts that bring additional points. Natural complexity of the job will need to avoid enemy fire, and natural and man-made obstacles. Even the fish school, sperm whale or sea monster can stand in the way of a submarine using sonar but you can find them in advance. Other stories you have to fight with pirates or be himself Captain Nemo. You will find a treasure hunt, beauty of the underwater world and meeting with Neptune. Donning scuba gear, you go to explore the seabed and collect items, and using a harpoon will shoot a local predator. Also, you will be entertained with puzzles themed submarine search of hidden items, and differences of identical pictures. Coloring game turn into creativity, and puzzle-solving - the logical puzzle. Playing these games, you'll be a brave captain, without fear and without reproach!

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