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Sudoku is one of the very popular games.Many newspapers around the world print this puzzle, which is very popular around the world.It is not surprising that this math puzzle and migrated to the virtual space.Because of this, today, anyone can play Sudoku for free on our website.The origin of the game of Sudoku in the 18th century, when it invented the famous mathematician Leonhard Euler.At the time, the game was called "Latin square".About 50 years ago the North American print media started using eylersky "Latin square" in a somewhat modified form.Edition «Dell Puzzle Magazine» in 1979 published its first numerical square titled "Place for the number," which we now call Sudoku.The peak of popularity this type of puzzle was about 30 years ago in Japan.That is why the math puzzle gets its name - Sudoku (from the Japanese "su" - "figure" and "document" - a "stand alone").For more than 30 years of math puzzle Sudoku was published many millions of times.In sudoku play online due to the very interesting concept of the game.In the classic version of the field of play is drawn as a square divided into nine sectors, which, in turn, are divided into several small squares with a side of 3 cells each.As a result, the playing field is divided into 81 squares.The game begins with the fact that the playing field in any order numbers from 1 to 9.In fact, they are hints to the player serve as a guide.The aim of the game is to fill the empty cells with numbers from 1 to 9.It must be done so that each digit will occur only once in a row, in a column in a separate small square of size 3 × 3.Therefore, the complexity of Sudoku is largely dependent on the number of cells initially filled with numbers - the more, the faster the puzzle is solved.What is interesting, a virtual version of Sudoku have their own variations.For example, in some games use images instead of numbers with monsters and insects.Due to this, sudoku online game is interesting and unusual.Also, in the games, you can choose the difficulty level.The simplest puzzles are solved in a few minutes and will suit beginners or children.Experienced players available to play, the decision to spend more than one hour.Thus, to play Sudoku online is very interesting and useful for logical thinking.For although, as a rule, Sudoku has only one correct solution, search for it sometimes is not easy.But it makes the game more interesting.In addition, the virtual version of the game allows you to create a number of new fields, which allows you to play Sudoku and again.

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