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Super cow games online created one of the best Russian producers of simple arcade games.The success of the project lies in the fact that the interesting and colorful flash games can be run even on old office computers, which makes it possible to play them in any spare time.Of the many games arcades especially distinguished super cow.So, to play in the Super Cow interesting because the plot and interesting characters.As the name implies, the Super Cow - a character who performs the functions of a superhero to save those who were in danger, protecting the innocent and punishing the guilty.The game's story begins with the fact that the prison is escape.And run away from simple thief, and the famous evil professor named duriarti.In prison he was serving a life sentence for his gloomy atrocities.The escape plan was also villainous and treacherous, first professor hypnotized guards, then sawed chain, which was chained.So brilliant plan worked, and the evil genius at liberty.Unlike ordinary prisoners, the professor hid from the forces of justice, not hiding in a secluded location.For all this, there was no time, for a brilliant mind duriarti requires translating evil designs.The first step is a quick professor captures ordinary peaceful farm in Sun Valley, where the animals live happily ordinary.Apparently, duriarti became a professor in genetics, as he immediately decided to perform inhumane experiments on animal cloning.The first victims were a pig and a goat.Clone them, duriarti created an army of soulless clones capable of anything.Owe their appearance in the world, Professor, clones him completely devoted.It is difficult to say what the future plans evil genius.But the mere fact that the innocent animals suffer, it was enough to attract the attention of super cow.Black-and-white spotted a superhero in a red cloak is immediately sent to the Solar Valley to come to the help of friends.Thanks to an interesting story, in super cow play online for free is truly captivating.But both want to know, how did we win superhero super villain.The game itself is an arcade platformer with puzzle elements.And do not forget about the super power super cow - the special jumping!After all naprygivaya on enemies from above, it can deal with them in no time.In addition, the game is very beautiful graphics and high-quality animation.Complete the picture of a very rich sound and good music.Did you know about Super Cow or heard about it - it does not matter.In any case, if you decide to play the game super cow, it can always be done on our website.

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