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The main characters of this series of games is not a trumpet performance.

One may praise the product, but if it is not interesting, no exhortation and persuasion to draw attention to it will not help.For the game Super Mario is no need for advertising, since it has become a cult, and the interest in it is large enough to record her sales have caused to be included in the Guinness book.Two brothers plumber - Mario and Luigi were born in 1985, and their parent company was Nintendo, Mario has made his trademark.Adventures brothers aimed at saving the princess enslaved by King Kupoy turtles, and the path is through the Mushroom Kingdom trails filled all sorts of dangers and troubles.Since the game has just two of the hero, the gameplay requires management of the two players, which makes the process even more attractive and gambling.You will often see Mario in company with his brother, and can play either in a pair with a friend, or yourself by selecting what you want to manage.Today you do not have to buy anything, as our web site invites super mario online play for free.In this section you will find games with different adventures, and Mario will demonstrate its super power in the fight against the enemies and collect bonus items.Brave plumber without fear jumps deepest abyss and climbs the incredible heights.His mission is to save and win.Even the dragons are not afraid of our hero, and he deals with them easily.You can play Super Mario, moving on the ground, jumping on the level or on the surface of the water, driving a boat, jet ski or skis.Also, be able to conquer the airspace, controlling the airship or planning on a hang glider.As always, try to avoid a collision with the enemy and hit it available to you weapons.Now Super Mario might be armed with a rifle and shoot down the aggressive bees in the sky, dragons, and completely incomprehensible, but obviously aggressive creatures.And when the rifle would be powerless against another enemy, he is armed with a gun and will shoot out of it.But the dive to the sea floor - this is something new for Mario.He decided to learn a new element for yourself and go diving.That's just inexperience and affects all the time he pops up.There is only one sure way - to jump on the mushroom, sinking deeper and deeper.As always, it is necessary to collect coins and avoid close contact with the enemy - the squid and other inhabitants of the fauna.On the theme of the heroic exploits of the plumber created many stories that develop in different directions - Flying, action games, sports games, puzzle games and shooting games, and all games super mario play online for free is available on our website.Coaching skill, you can control Mario and catch dinosaurs, falling from the top and it's like a game where the wolf catches the balls rolling down the roost.A meeting with the Sonic hedgehog and joint mission will be an opportunity to try new experiences.Fighting off hungry zombies, two super hero reflect their attack, defending his home.In the course of the struggle must collect coins to help improve existing weapons or buy new.Online games in the Super Mario Bros. offered to put the hero behind the wheel of a truck and transported very valuable cargo.Each successful move with a lot of obstacles and give bonuses to improve your car by installing new wheels, engine and body.Coloring books and puzzles are also given the opportunity to play in the Super Mario for free.It is developing the creative class will brighten your leisure.

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