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Supermarket Mania teen

Many people love to shop.Of course, in retail stores you can find a lot of useful products, but the pleasure of shopping is available in supermarkets, where the choice of goods is simply huge.If you like supermarkets, the supermarket mania play online you like it too.In this section of our site contains the best games, dedicated supermarkets.Moreover, they you have to perform in the role of a carefree buyer and seller as a hard-working.In the first case, a trip to the supermarket can bring a lot of surprises, and not very pleasant.So, in one game with the dark man in the lead roles, the player will have to make sure that none of the characters are not affected.A hazard in the shop a lot.In the back room may drop boxes of food, you can fall off the roof, on the scattered cans slip and fall.A number of games devoted to the process of dressing for a shopping trip.Probably every girl knows that even for such a seemingly simple events must be carefully prepared.What if on the way he met acquaintances, colleagues or friends?Therefore, even in the store she should be fully prepared!And to prepare for any chance encounters with it's a good selection of makeup, hair, shoes, clothes and accessories.Another game is devoted to the process of shopping.In one of the trading rooms terrible mess.The task of the player is looking for the right things for a certain amount of time.And sometimes do it all in time is not easy.The second group of games in this section include the stick, in which the player takes the role of the seller or the store owner.Moreover, a specific activity will depend on the profile of the store.If you want to sell ice cream, you have to try.In order to build your own business, it is necessary to quickly and deftly serve customers who do not like to wait long and want a certain ice cream.To meet their needs have to learn a recipe book, deftly manipulate a variety of ingredients and try not to mix anything, otherwise have to throw away ice cream.For business expansion will require new recipes, equipment and types of ice cream.Exactly the same principles of the act at the opening of shops selling jewelery, cakes, juices, candy, clothing, shoe, book stores.In each case depends on the earnings of money diligence seller, its speed, attention and commitment.If you are close to the data quality of character and interesting to play in fun simulators shops, welcome to our website, which has everything - just like in the supermarket.

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