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In 2004, the studio has released another Pixar computer-animated film, called "The Incredibles."Thanks to an interesting story, the film won the sympathy of the audience and the critics, for which he was awarded the "Oscar".It is not surprising that based on the animated film was started variety of games online Incredibles, many of which are available on our website.The plot of the film tells the story of what can happen to a superhero, and what is rarely spoken in the other films.Tape begins with the story of Mr. exclusivity, which daily heroic acts of kindness.That will stop the bank robbers, then save the suicide, the catastrophe will prevent trains.But, unfortunately, saved the citizens are not always grateful, and Mr. Exceptional start to cause of litigation.Because of the accumulated troubles our protagonist decides to retire.The plot of the film tells the story of what happened 15 years after the fateful decision.For fifteen years, Mr. Exclusive changed his name to Bob Parr, got quiet office work and family.But the family had not quite normal.The fact that his wife was a former Mr. Exceptional superheroine elastica, which adopted the name of Helen Parr.Of course, such an amazing pair appeared not ordinary children, each of whom has some super power.The main plot twists around boredom Mr. exclusively on old days.Sometimes he even secretly trying to help people to see the day when he was asked a mysterious organization.Work is a one-off - to destroy the robot in the test.But later found out that the head of this organization is a fan of Mr. mad exclusivity to 15 years ago held his anger on our superhero.As a result, the mission to counter the villain turns the whole family, which is The Incredibles.Interestingly, online Incredibles, which is the main actors talk about the events that are somehow related to the original animated film.And the games are quite varied.The youngest of the audience clearly suggest various children's game in which you need to paint scenes from the film, the characters dress up or to find differences in pictures.Older audience interested in arcade platforming and even races in which the Incredibles will demonstrate how you can facilitate your life with super powers.In short, many online games The Incredibles are not inferior to the original interestingness famous animated film by Pixar.

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