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In this section you are surfing game online. If we translate the word "surfing" from English, you get - "ride on the surface." This is not just entertainment, but a way of life. To slide through the waves on a board, winning crests and ducking under them - it is a real pleasure, which is not available to everyone. But besides the fact that surfing is a way to fun and relaxation, it also sports. And in addition to the classic surfing, there are some branches of it, due to the use of additional resources. For example, in windsurfing board is equipped with a sail, and should be present in bodiserfinge kite and wind. But going back to the classics of the genre, you must know that there are some nuances. There are short and long boards. Have short in length from one hundred and eighty centimeters long and are three-meter. In addition, some of them equipped with special attachments (loops) for the legs and because of them, a surfer gets a more stable position on the board, when curbs strong waves. Modern boards are made of a special lightweight but strong materials that allow them to easily maneuver, unlike the first, which weighed about seventy pounds. Surfing was born in Hawaii and still holds the leading positions there. It is thanks to the favorable location of islands, where the climate allows residents and guests to enjoy skiing on the water all year round, surfing is a major pastime in these parts, making a profit. Many tourists specifically choose this route to get energy for the whole year, and unforgettable experiences. Despite the fact that coming up with special settings, creating a wave effect, nothing beats the natural spaces and those of nature. But if you do not have a chance to experience the thrill of gliding through the water to surf in the wild and artificially created, we invite you to free surfing game. Suppose you do not feel on their skin spray, noise comes in waves and the wind in my ears, but even in this situation you can find positive things - you are not afraid of sharks and jellyfish, you will not drown or get injured, and expensive trips, accommodation and equipment rental , also will not cause damage to your wallet. Opening the surfing game, you can test yourself in realistic simulations, where every move and feel the need to sharpen the features of control and balance. When wisdom is mastered, will really enjoy. But quietly go you can not, because you are taking part in the competition, and thus have to perform all sorts of tricks. A set of mini-games offer a variety of developments in the c not only pleasure, but also c risk. As long as you catch a wave, you try to catch the sharks, hungry for fresh catch caruncle. Your board tempting casts a shadow on the sea floor, creating the illusion of large prey. And if you noticed fin cutting the surface of the water, immediately head to the beach, driving his surfing. But God forbid you do not fall! Also, you can become a pirate ship Cerf managed together and decided to take someone else's boat. It's not quite his usual transport, but what to do - in mysterious ways pirates. A young girl decided to take a picture of a sports magazine and tries to take a seductive pose, to get a better look at the cover. Sonic the Hedgehog and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, too, do not want to fall behind and conquer the watery element.

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