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Wedding dress up games - this is a preview of this wedding rehearsal, when today's girls grow up and turn into incredibly beautiful brides.This is the time ever comes, but now you can dream, and how it will work out with the choice of wedding attributes come outfit, makeup, hair.All girls want to be brides.They are attracted splendor of decoration, celebration event, everyone's attention.But the main thing - it's the groom who looks only for love, looking into her eyes reciprocal feelings and dreams with his chosen spend the rest of his life.At this point, she feels like a princess, who is about to become queen.Surround her attention, care and love from all sides.It all admire and compliment.True - this is the most happy and unforgettable moments of life of each young person, which remain in the memory forever.Wedding games for girls to help brides-to feel the pre-ceremony, and preliminary efforts do not seem tedious, because their love and brightens up the expectation of the future unclouded happiness.To start yer own enchanting, romantic or extravagant outfit.Choice of traditional white dress for the wedding is still relevant, especially as designers moved away from the standards, and you can now choose embroidered with pearls, precious stones and gold-embroidered dress.The length also varies on the length of "the floor", to downright short dresses.Necked in front and on the back with lacing options fit bold brides, but if you do not want to embarrass the older generation of its openness, then look for a closed model.The color scheme also offers a variety, and you can remeasure a lot of styles, before stopping at one choice.White - a symbol of purity, but that's too bad - it's not everything.But the blue, pink, purple or scarlet dress can emphasize profitable color of your eyes, blush, skin tone.Cover the original and modern dresses can improve the shape, hiding annoying flaws and highlighting its advantages.Even a wedding in the vampire or the style of one of the youth subcultures be original if arrange it properly.Black dress, massive jewelry in a thematic manner, corresponding to the MACC and the hairstyle, the decoration of the hall - all this you will find in the wedding games.Next, go to a beauty salon where you prepare for an important point.Facials, poultices, cleaning - all the boys do not understand, but a real woman knows a good judge.After treatment the skin refreshed and radiant as if from within.And when the time comes X, you do make-up and hairstyle, choosing the option that will fit your image invented.Do not forget about the groom.Men are not used to preen and so they find it difficult to navigate around it.They always forget something and spoil the holiday.Help me choose a groom suit, tie or bow tie, and, perhaps, neck scarf with a brooch will give it a more aristocratic look.Next, make sure the location of the ceremony.This can be a green lawn or lounge in the mansion, castle or your home.To capture the splendor of the holiday, you need to hire a professional photographer.In one version of the game you are going to play this role.Try to do everything at the highest level, to heroes of the occasion and the guests were dovolny.Wedding games for girls - is romantic, pleasant emotions and anticipation.

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