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Love speed and the car?A fan of cars Lightning McQueen from the cartoon?Play cars online - it's your passion?Then you've come to the right place!If you entered into a search engine: game play cars, you could see a large number of variants of different games on this topic.Wheelbarrows games online can feel like a wheelbarrow driver named Lightning McQueen and try to compete in speed with other wheelbarrows.The one who is involved and believe in yourself!In the game cars play a very fun, interesting and exciting.Such games are sure will please the boys and tomboy girls who love, the pursuit race.Plots races varied from the usual rally involving several machines at once to the nearest rescue.For example, in one of the games to help save Metru and pull Lightning McQueen from the curb - and it is not so easy, because the need to go as much as 5 levels.There is also a play on the Lightning McQueen car, but not a race, and puzzles, where you need to collect an image of the hero, or coloring books, where to paint the lightning in any color you want.Yet race, as such, are the most interesting games of the adventures Lightning McQueen.In these games, the protagonist helps his friends: Doc Hudson, a tractor Maitre, Chico Hicks and many other characters in this cartoon.The track itself can be quite tortuous and dangerous, full of obstacles in the form of a sleeping subway or a sheaf of hay.So you should be very careful and cautious.Tracks will vary at each new level.You can also choose who govern.This may not necessarily be Lightning McQueen, as well as any other hero of this cartoon: Ramona Flo Meter, Sally and Doc Hudson and others - choose who you like.All you need to go to the next stage of the game - is to win the race all the contenders.Cars games online allow you to play with friends online.This is a big plus if you want to have fun with friends without leaving home.You will discover the beautiful scenery of the desert and will play up the scene of the same cartoon.Colorful scenes and unrivaled wheelbarrows themselves moved from the cartoon to the game and in no way inferior.As this animated masterpiece quickly gained a huge fan base immediately after the screens, games cars also have their huge audience of players who are happy to participate in the race with Lightning McQueen and test themselves for speed and agility.Join us and you!

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