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Many of the inhabitants of large cities today can not imagine life without the services of a taxi.Very often there are times when you need to get somewhere, and other means of transport to the nearest existing there.This is where you can hire the services of taxi drivers.It should be noted that being a taxi driver is quite interesting.Therefore, developers are constantly releasing games taxi in which to either side are shown daily responsibilities of taxi drivers.Well, thanks to games hosted in this section, any person can join one of the drivers of cars with yellow checkered.In this category, there are a variety of games.There are those that are dedicated to the profession taxi driver directly, but there are others - that affect it indirectly.Some of the games from the second group game in which you need to choose the appropriate form of taxi driver of a beautiful girl.And even in such seemingly all-male profession, the fair sex will stand out and attract attention due to the exceptional appearance.In the other game of the action takes place in the back of a taxi.Loving couple by signing each other's arms, trying to kiss.But this important process can prevent the taxi driver who occasionally glancing in the rearview mirror.The aim of the game is to kiss until you fill in a special light and not get caught in the eye of this taxi driver.If we talk about the profession of a taxi driver, we should mention a few issues that await modern cabs.One of them - the traffic jams and congestion.To escape them, the authors of one of the games can jump over other cars.Convenient, really.Another problem is the parking.This problem is very well shown in the second part of the game about the Bombay taxi driver.Not only did the other cars parked in the parking lot at random, so more and people are always in the way, that can drive on the parking lot of elephants!The aim of the game is to park in exactly the space provided, literally squeezing between other cars and pedestrians.For damage to any of them or crash immediately followed by the failure of the task.And of course, the big problem for taxi drivers are always running somewhere passengers.In games, the taxi driver on the simulator in Berlin, London and other cities have to look for passengers, and then, not much breaking traffic rules, take them to the right places.And this will have to do in a limited time, a lot of traffic and other misfortunes.Dip in the profession, it becomes clear why taxi drivers are nervous.

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