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Everything is new - this once-forgotten old.It should make some changes to improve the process of work and look as utihshy interest increases again, raising the product to a new level of popularity.Such a "pediatric disease" and recovered from the game "Tamagotchi", released by Bandai back in the nineties and rocked the whole world.Children are so carried away and tied to virtual pets that they caused the death of hysteria and mental disorders.The fact that the loss was irreparable electronic beings and children even began to arrange for them the real funeral.The program was founded Tamagotchi process that requires constant participation in the life of a pet owner.Its timeliness required to feed, water, play with it, to remove the virtual house.As soon miss the regular feeding or forget to water, as a creature starts to hurt, and if corrective measures were not taken in time, it died.The same applies to the charging console - to maintain its power, it was necessary to carry a Game Boy.After a while a toy is somewhat modified, making it a fully independent game, which led to the growth of its popularity.Still like pets continued to die without the possibility of restarting.No longer able to see the children's torment, adults have stopped buying them dangerously fun, which reduced sales and popularity of the Tamagotchi.However, the company has taken the radical decision maker, providing the old version of the game with new features, which again has elevated her to Olympic glory.In 2009, a new version of the game - Tamagotchi ID.Now the game can start again, if it has a infrared port allows communication with a mobile phone and giving the opportunity to buy for their pet new things.The very same picture on the screen was in color.And by the fifteenth game in 2011 came an even newer version of IDL.Today, the market can be seen as the first black-and-white game, and the latest releases.However, the prices of modern Tamagotchi "bite", and therefore, we suggest that all fans of the genre Tamagotchi online games that replicate the gameplay and look similar to the original version, but give the opportunity to play for free.The opportunity to make himself the Tamagotchi virtual pet online is much more beneficial because you get access to a variety of gameplay and can find yourself several favorites.In this section you will find many options for gameplay and get a chance to enjoy fellowship with small creatures, choosing the vending.Here you can find yourself completely dispose of any animal or by several, becoming manager of the shelter.Even grow out of crumbs-adult dinosaur raptor quite a force.Or maybe your calling children?Then the care of one or several babies in the nursery will be good training for you to care for them.Especially fun to play, taking care of a small little family of Maggie Simpson.This fidget not let you get bored, and her keen eye needed.Plants grow from a small seed or care of an aquarium is also very interesting.Now that the game has become a color, it becomes a real pleasure to see how mature juicy fruit on the tree or colored fish swim among plants.Tamagotchi online game in the best traditions of the original genre, and therefore you are guaranteed delight.Have at its disposal a variety of games are always better than one content.

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