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Game called Battle City is small, not widely known, and many may think that it is not popular, because its name is not at the hearing. Similarly, not all video game fans know about gaming platform NES, and many would be surprised to learn that it was very popular in the world. But all this is nothing, compared to the fact that in this game, and on this platform is almost everyone, even those who have not heard of it. Is simply to give other names, and everyone will understand. Game Battle City unfamiliar? And if you have played the game tanchiki? Certainly played, or at least heard of it. And on the NES console from Nintendo Entertainment System you also will not play? Well, remember when console Dendy, which just played. All of the above games and gaming platforms - one and the same. It just so happened that these games were published back in the years when we lived behind the "Iron Curtain", and did not know very much. NES console fortunately an exception, and still extant, albeit under a different name. Just came out and the game tanchiki. And if Dendy was a clone NES, then tanchiki were the original game, just its name altered it to our people. Games tanchiki become some symbol of the era, along with the game Super Mario Bros., which, by the way, was produced by the same company on the same platform. The game was just amazing. But hey, why was? And it is now! And on our website to play online tanchiki you can absolutely free. Makes absolutely no difference if you play in them before. While certainly have played, because if the console was not at all, it really just Tetris seen everything. Online games tanchiki allow some people to remember his youth and experience nostalgia. Other, playing games online tanchiki, dip into his childhood, remembering the times when "were cut" with friends all day long. Even the youngest users of the site will be interesting, because, first they want to see, what to play by their parents or older brothers and sisters, and secondly this is not a game that can not be pleased. Tanchiki play online is easy, no need to download large clients go through a complex and not always successful installation of the game. And the game does not require you to no effort, you'll just enjoy the process itself. Play free online tanchiki you like yourself, and in the company of friends. This appeal primarily to those who played as a child. Indeed, even after dozens of years, you can still get together and spend time with pleasure, forgetting the fact that you are no longer children. Everyone wants to forget, a break from the problems, and the games is a great opportunity to do it.

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