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Most likely, everyone has heard of Tetris.Heard about this game, even those who are in it have never played.However, most still playing it, because it can be played at any time.For example, during the day, if you have formed a free minute.Or, if you eat in public transport.Or if you spend your free time at the computer.In general, if you got bored, you can open the game to play Tetris for free which can be available on our website.This is exactly save you from boredom!However, if you play this game at work, you have to be careful.After starting to play Tetris for free, it is very difficult to stop.The game is really addictive.In our country, Tetris has become one of the symbols of the 90-ies of the last century.In those years, Tetris was the top box in almost every family, and played it as young children and their parents.By the way, this game is known worldwide, and invented it in the Soviet Union.This made Alexey Leonidovich Pajitnov - Soviet programmer.Rules of the game are very simple.Figures of different sizes fall to you on the playing field.These shapes can be also different odds.It is your task is to put them so that the playing field have been formed only continuous horizontal lines that do not contain free cells.If you have started to play Tetris online for free at the computer, the figures can be controlled keyboard arrows.If you get a continuous line of figures from one wall to the other, then this line is removed, and you are credited for her glasses.Lines that could not close to the end - to remain as long as you do not close it.To earn the most points, which are awarded for the removed line.The game will continue as long as the playing field will be a place for the new figures.Some people believe that the game tetris game in which you can on our website is the most popular game in the history of computer games.Indeed, this game for almost thirty years, has a crazy popular, and play it to this day, despite the abundance of current games with realistic graphics and intriguing storyline.People still want to play Tetris online, because now you can do it for a PC, and tablet computers, and mobile phones!The game has become more accessible!You can simply go to our website at the page with the game and enjoy it.By the way, the game is very useful, because it develops logical thinking, because during the game, you think, how to build figures, to leave no free cells.

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