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Anyone who has followed the innovations of cinema or the gaming industry would have noticed that today back into fashion works devoted to superheroes.One of these "returns" was restart the movie, which tells of the adventures of the difficult "Transformers."A series of films about these characters was an incredible success, so based on the movie was released numerous transformers 2 games.The story of the Transformers phenomenon is quite interesting.At the beginning of Transformers is a series of toys.Their key feature, as stated in the title, is the ability to transform.For example, a car could transform into a robot, or an aircraft.In another series of animals turned into the different types of technology.Another feature was the fact that several individual toys from a particular series can be combined in a single unit, thus building a large robot.At about the same operations can take and play Transformers 3.Therefore it is no wonder that these toys were a great success with the boys and girls.Due to its popularity, adventure Transformers transported to the pages of comics and on television screens in the form of cartoons.Because of this, an army of fans of Transformers has increased even more.Since transformers are one of the phenomena of mass culture.As is usually the case, any cultural phenomenon gradually over time drops out of focus audience.Transformers and interest began to fade.But in 2007, an event that brought back the interest of spectators to robots - came to cinemas multimillion blockbuster "Transformers," which will be compensated spent on its creation tools, and also reminded that Transformers is too early to write off.The success of the first film influenced the release of sequels.With this also began to appear online games transformers 2.Everyone who loves to play Transformers toy, for sure will enjoy playing games online transformers.As in the comics, animated series and movies, online games, tells the story of the conflict between extraterrestrial intelligent machines.In their opposition, they have learned to transform into a variety of objects, vehicles, animals and even humans.These features robots appear in the games posted in this section of our website.Many game situations have to resort to the transformation to overcome the obstacles encountered in the levels.In addition, the games dedicated to the battles between the transformers, which makes the game even more dynamic and exciting.

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