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Game three in the number of online

Puzzle games - constant inhabitants of office and home computers.They can not do without, and modern phones, offering users a variety of themes and variations of game products.Even the fun we indulged in his time at recess: Tetris, Tic-Tac-Toe, battleships, a maze, a word game, now come to life on the screens of our computers.Play chess, cards, checkers, chess, puzzles, Sudoku, is also now represented in the variety of the vast virtual world.But there are others, which are a very fun new, created for the electronic media.These include games and three in a row online.This is a simple but very addictive toy polonyayuschaya their action for hours.The principle of the gameplay is always varies depending on the option chosen, but the essence is the same - to destroy the same elements in the field, who formed a human chain, at a minimum of three.Sometimes, in the game to shoot a gun at a group of identical shape, or color of chips and thus break them to make room for new ones.At another time, to group the chain, it is necessary to drag items with the mouse.Once the connection is established between identical figures, they will be gone.Three elements in the series - is the minimum necessary to ensure that the action is finished, but the more of the same figure you'll have to put in the number, the more points you earn.With each new stage of the game, the process is more complicated.Some elements will be hidden for the chains and stone blocks.To beat them, you have to apply the earned bonus items - lightning, grenades, bombs, axes and hammers.If the combination does not allow more pieces to take action, you will have an assistant - mixer.Using it, you mix the pieces on the board and be able to play again.Use the bonus items eventually recovered, but not very fast.So try to use them rationally and without fanaticism.Games online three in a row always look bright, colorful, with well-drawn graphics and original backgrounds.This allows you to enjoy the process of aesthetic and it seems that like in the management of the game really is unique.Lovers of antiquities, mysteries and puzzles, can go to distant lands in search of artifacts, sunken ships, pyramids, Atlantis or climb to the summit of Mount Olympus and become one of the gods.Depths of the sea is no less attractive than the green jungle, and space theme game fills a special atmosphere, rising to the distant stars.Moving further, you will witness how the development of the story and see a bright canvases.Game three in a row online can be independent toy with multi-level transitions, and a mini jobs, embedded in the plot completely different game.Very often, such jobs can be found in the logic of quests or games to find objects with economics.Play the games fun adult generation and kids.For the latter, developers create a particularly attractive and colorful toys.Where as the figures in the field, are the portraits of cartoon characters, glittering precious stones, flowers, fruits, animals.Very fun to play with all kinds of smiles and a face that is smiling, you are sad or curve as after a lemon.These games are perfect for a short rest in between the main occupation and as the main favorite educational toys.Start the game and you will know how much it is entertaining!

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