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Tuning a car can be compared with the transformation of a woman who uses makeup and clothes for a quick transformation and fitness for a correction. This occupation does not tolerate haste and if you watched the girl is preparing to go out, you know how well it picks up her bag, shoes, clothing, so that they harmonize with one another c. Much attention is paid to hair, makeup and manicure. And only when the reflection in the mirror meets her, she proudly outside the walls of their homes. The situation is similar in the case of hard-core motorists who tantalized his iron lady in the garage, striking her gloss. They lovingly plucked its engine, change the oil, change tires, fill it only the best gasoline. Any machine or sneeze slightest scratch on her body caused panic and loss of sleep. All conversations are reduced to the driver's car, and during a speech give her tender epithets and called beautiful, girl, good girl. Listening to such talk, women jealous of her husband involuntarily begin to rival car and fight for his attention to his person. Very often, such jealousy is justified, because the man did not hesitate to replace the upholstery in the cabin and piquant aroma, refresh the paint on the frame of the machine and cause her figure, provided modern player, air conditioning and an oven, paying for all this huge amount of money. But when the wife of a new thing for zaiknetsya myself, that will not free money, but as an excuse to appear urgent need to replace an important part in the heart of the car. On the one hand hurt, but if you talk impartially, the care of the car is important - the more carefully he was being followed, the longer it is and remains a reliable means of transportation. And those who are lucky its owner, know how often helps machine, eliminating the need to push on public transport or shake the train during the journey. For those who still do not have my car, but really wants to buy it, tuning online game will help determine the choice and fantasize about her appearance. In the virtual cabin, you will complete a set of "cosmetic" for cars, where you can choose the brand, body color, the material for upholstery in a variety of colors and related accessories. You can also apply any submitted image on the outside of the housing and change it at any time. It can be a funny application, the original title, and even drawing 3D. Also, you can play online tuning with sports cars, giving them a quick repair on the pit stops or complementing in garages. For these vehicles the main reliability, so it was not scattered at high speed on the highway, so you have to be very careful during the service. Seem entertaining free online games like tuning quest. In the hangar suspended car without wheels, and you will act as a mechanic. In order to put on a car, you need to find all four wheels, which are hidden in the most unlikely places - in my pants a mechanic for the box, a pipe from the ceiling, in barrels and other places. Time for action released little, and therefore we must take the time until it was over. If this happens, it is necessary to start looking at first, but now the wheels are already in a completely different place. The game is quite fun and keeps in suspense. And as soon as you can handle the first task, go to the next. Tuning can play in different ways, but it is always a pleasure for these motorists, no matter what age they are not arriving.

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