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Winx topic is available on the Internet and on our gaming website is quite extensive.This is not surprising, given how interested kids watch the animated series and played a computerized version of the fairy tales with little magical fairies.Games Winx Season 5 offers a new set of the most fun, playful, mischievous, colorful scenes, which are still to the fore Tecna, Bloom, Musa, Layla, Stella and Flora.With these little fairies you keep an unforgettable journey to the land of magic, get a new opportunity to plunge into the world of fairy tales and visit the school witches, where you will discover the most incredible moments of life familiar characters.There is nothing better than to get away from everyday life and be able to dream as much as you like.Only in the fictional world of limitless possibilities are opened, and all filled with color.Games Winx 5 season in store for their fans a lot of subjects, developing stories in other facets.Now you see the old familiar with the new features.You already know how to play dress up, and now, before you put the characters, try to find all the details of clothes that somewhere zapropastilsya.Surely this is the machinations of evil forces that do not leave the fairies without attention, and tries in every way to hurt them.But they failed to realize that the young wizards have such helpers and friends like you.Joint efforts you dispel evil spell and help her friends find her outfit.As you know, each fairy has unique abilities, and they are not in vain in school witches - it allows them to improve their skills and apply them successfully, and the meeting with the evil monsters only strengthens those forces.In one of those you have to fight with some monsters and set up against them that fairy power is able to hit the monster.Try to act deliberately, because the enemy also has magic and uses it against you.A Fly in the game, you control one of the fairies, and the ability to demonstrate the skills to soar in the sky and do the job.Except you will be in the air fairy scratch-cat and good fairies.- Your task is to collect as many game points by catching the elves, each of which will give you ten points.But scratch-cat fairies should be avoided by running away from them.Depends on your skill through the game.Each girl lives an artist and designer.Transforming itself or the space around - it is a manifestation of imagination and taste.Games Winx season 5 offer you a unique opportunity to express themselves in the magic of transformation and create a magical interior for little fairies.These creatures love to live in a beautiful world, and therefore, you have to try to please them.Arranging furniture in places, think, no matter what room you were very nice to live in, and proceed to the sacrament.But, if you give the game some rein in the actions, the other will need a good memory, offering to recreate the old atmosphere.While the fairies were not home, someone broke the order of things and dump them in a pile.Initially, you will be shown a picture, in which the interior is in good order, and the next moment you will see the absolute chaos.Remembering the image, put everything in its place, to restore the former order.The next game on the memory will find similar fairies on a set of images, flipped upside down.Using the wand, find identical images, and they will disappear from the field of play.And, of course, play a complementary coloring game Winx 5sezon.Bring the world of fairies palette of colors to their magic power is not quenched.

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