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Everything children love to play with toys.The boys in cars, soldiers, airplanes, tanchiki.In general, all because of the weapons, equipment, war.Girls, on the contrary, attract the "peaceful" toys.The most popular, of course, are the dolls.First dolls invented in ancient China, they were playing Chinese princess, and in Europe, these toys have gained immense popularity.Everyone remembers what the dolls were used, such as in the 90's.Big, clumsy, without a hint of elegance and grace.This is because prior to our region have not yet gotten to a wave of popularity of Barbie dolls.In the West, the emergence of such toys made a splash for the little and not so little girls, there was no better gift than a treasured doll.Cartoons of favorite heroines have wide popularity, the shelves at the moment evaporate any products which were related to Barbie.Company manufacturing dolls, suddenly became a leader, if not a monopoly industry puppets.It seemed that it always will.But in 2001, began production of Bratz dolls.And, although the dolls, in fact, was very similar to Barbie, thanks to the competent public relations company, and interesting stories of heroines, the dolls were a great success, without becoming another parody of Barbie.Bratz dolls became the most bought in Italy, France and Spain.They managed the seemingly impossible to surpass the legendary popularity rivals.The company produces not only the dolls for girls, but also boys, children, adults.Animated series was filmed on heroines and heroes of the series, released video games that deserve special attention.In the Bratz games, players could feel anyone, touch the dream.A huge number of features that provide these games, could not serve as a guarantee of success.In these games, you can cook and create home coziness, design your own fashion designs, or try on dresses of famous designers.Games in the series, like games for girls Winx became megopopulyarnymi because they perfectly anticipate all children's wishes, and the games themselves were allowed to implement them.Winx and Bratz games are at the peak of popularity, and on our website you have the opportunity to play them for free online.Make nice to your children, or feel like a child.After all, the opportunity to play the game the time when many young girls become adults serious aunts.They're not to blame, that during their childhood had such fun.Play games Winx and Bratz, have fun, and enjoy your adventures with your heroes.

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