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Winx puzzle game

This category has games with cartoon characters «Winx»: Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa and Tecna and their pets pixies.Bloom, the central character cartoon, was copied from the famous singer Britney Spears is very similar to her own character: a strong and stubborn.A young sorceress originally from the planet Domino, her father King Oritel and his mother Queen Marion.On Earth it was sent an older sister, through the portal, because of the outbreak of war with the witches on her home planet, to its ability not to fall into the hands witches.Stella - Fairy of the Sun and the Moon, arrived on Earth from the planet Solaria.Muse, melomanka that never breaks up with his "media friends" Flora sweet and shy, and Tecna, affects all their knowledge and skills in the field of technology.All are participating Winx Club, which organized the Bloom for the same, as she charodeek.Each of them have young friends - pixies, small magical creatures, fairies tied to a special bond, and all have a boyfriend.They fight with all sorts of magical monsters, villains, and spend free time in the club with the same WINX sorceress, as they always follow the fashion and just have fun, like regular teenagers.Topic has become so popular among children, which has grown from a single cartoon in the whole line.There are new styles of clothes, a few books have been written, made animated feature and animated series has lived up to 5 seasons with an interesting storyline.The girls are very popular.They are surrounded by love and style, so that young players like cartoons or spectator.That is in our system, you will find games with these witches.In a separate category, scroll to the game dedicated to the Winx Club Games Winx puzzles.This section develops games for children enhanced spatial reasoning and logic.You will be given a parsed image on small items that need to be in its place, and as a bonus you get a colorful picture of a young sorceress and their pets.Games aimed at girls 5 to 12 years, and besides of leisure, and are developing.Collecting puzzle, parents can rest assured that the child is useful, and always there.In each game, a wide variety of puzzles, with different images and different complexity, with different numbers of items, and if the one who is to be sure that the game is very simple, you can choose the level of difficulty with deployed elements, that gives an unprecedented realism.Will not be bored, picture puzzles a lot, and enough for everyone.

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